5 Practical Reasons to Add a Backyard Putting Green

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on December 9, 2019
Artificial Grass
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Are you an avid golfer? For anyone who loves the game, the ultimate backyard accessory is your very own
backyard putting green. And while it may sound like a fantasy, a backyard putting green is actually an economical and practical choice. Not sure about it? Then consider these ways it’s a smart move.

backyard putting green

1. It Helps Your Yard Look Great

Have you struggled with some aspect of your yard’s landscaping? It might be a spot that doesn’t get enough
water or one that’s in the sun too much. It could simply be a corner you aren’t sure what to do with. A
putting green puts an end to landscape issues by covering them over with an easy fix – and one that will
actually add to the landscape.

You can landscape the area around your putting green however your heart desires – anything from a lush
backdrop to an authentic Arizona desert scene. You could even recreate part of your favorite professional
golf course. 

2. Backyard Putting Green Is Low Maintenance

Most homeowners are always on the lookout for a way to make their yard easier and less water-intensive.
Adding a stretch of real putting green could add to the burden because of its high-maintenance nature and
constant need for water.

But artificial greens don’t need much. Generally, a properly-installed stretch of artificial turf requires
some raking and being hosed off every once in a while – but it doesn’t take much else in the way of work. Add
to that some low-maintenance surrounding landscape, such as container gardens, and you’ll spend little time
or money on this part of the yard. 

3. You Get Free Practice

Do you, like many amateur golfers, love to go to the club or range and practice? This can obviously get
expensive after a while. So if you’re on a budget, a backyard green is the perfect solution. You can slip out
and casually enjoy a few putts any time you want. And you don’t have to pay anyone for the privilege.

With the convenience of such instant and regular access, you may even find that your skills develop faster
and better because you’re working on them more. 

4. You Can Share Your Love

Would you love to see your kids follow in your footsteps as fans of the sport? What about friends? Your
spouse or family members? Install a backyard space to let them practice and find the joy in golfing.

If potential golfers in your life are hesitant to spend the money or learn the sport in front of others,
this is the perfect solution. Add a few extra clubs to your own collection so you can loan them out to others
who may want to try. 

5. You’ll Love Coming Home with Backyard Putting Green

Golfers love to spend time on the course for many reasons. But for most people, golfing is a chance to
socialize with friends and de-stress your life.

If you can do those things at home, how would your life benefit? Would you release more stress when you
can play a little after work? If you add a small bar or barbecue to the area, would you spend more time
enjoying friends and family? Would you get your kids outside more? And could you save money by enjoying your
own home a little more? If the answer to any of these is yes, the positive emotional and financial effects
are obvious.

If you haven’t thought about putting in a small slice of golf course heaven in your own backyard, think
about it now. From economic and landscape benefits to spending more quality time with friends and family, a
backyard putting green is a great addition to any home. Learn more by calling the landscape pros at Sunburst Landscaping today.