5 Upgrades for Commercial Playgrounds in Phoenix, AZ Kids Will Go Crazy About

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on March 24, 2021
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Kids are so easy to please. Let them loose on commercial playgrounds in Phoenix, AZ and watch them spend hours inventing games and playing around. As long as the area is covered with artificial grass, there’s not much to worry about. Benefits include:

  • Shock absorbent surface that meets ASTM safety standard
  • Can handle the weight of kids and play equipment
  • Easy to clean— no mud and grass clippings!
  • Non-toxic, hypoallergenic and antibacterial
  • Non-slip when wet
  • Weather- and fire-resistant
  • Lasts for many years
  • Pest-free and weed-free
  • Very minimal maintenance
  • Always looks green and lush

In other words, synthetic turf is one of the best surfacing options for commercial playgrounds in Phoenix, AZ. Aside from being safe and comfortable, public playgrounds should also offer enrichment opportunities to children. Try adding these exciting features:

1. Install fun play equipment.

What’s a playground without slides, swings, monkey bars and all that super fun stuff? Synthetic turf can handle a lot of weight, so don’t worry about damage from heavy play equipment. Constant trampling and friction won’t wear down artificial grass either. As a result, it will stay lush and green even under the most highly-used areas like under the slides.

2. Carve out whimsical paths.

Public playgrounds can use paving to create whimsical paths throughout the area. First, this makes the park more bike-friendly. It can also improve traffic flow and connect different parts of the playground better.

Talk to commercial landscaping companies near me about blending paving with artificial grass. There are so many materials to choose from, like slate, concrete and flagstone.

3. Install a sunken trampoline.

Want to go the extra mile for your kiddie guests? Consider installing a sunken trampoline in one section of the playground. It’s still as bouncy as a raised trampoline but safer because it’s closer to the ground. To add another layer of safety, talk to your installers about adding a foam underlay to your artificial turf installation.

4. Install a mini-golf putting green.

This one’s not just a fantastic addition to commercial playgrounds but can be an additional source of revenue as well. You can also customize synthetic putting greens in any way you like. Add tee flags that showcase your brand’s colors, incorporate your logo into the putting green features and more.

5. Add a seating area.

Finally, give both kids and adults a comfortable place to rest by adding a seating area. Add shade or talk to commercial landscape contractors near me about integrating mature trees with synthetic turf. You can also arrange picnic benches for families and a colorful garden where everyone can relax and socialize.

Synthetic grass is perfect for all types of commercial playgrounds. For instance, all of these benefits and features will work for schools, nurseries, daycare centers and more. Take advantage of our free assessment to get your project going. Get in touch with Sunburst Landscaping today at 1623-412-2200!