A Quick Guide to Prolonging the Life of Your Artificial Turf

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on May 31, 2018
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Artificial grass is a great option if you’re looking to save money on your lawn. Unlike natural grass, it doesn’t rely on water to stay green and fresh-looking so you can save huge volume of water every year. It doesn’t grow, too, so it doesn’t require constant mowing. No more tilling, weeding, fertilizing, and seeding required, so you’ll have more time for rest and recreation with your family. After all, your lawn is supposed to be used for that purpose and not add to your daily source of stress.
Just like any other product, however, artificial turf isn’t made to last forever. Contrary to popular belief, it’s “low-maintenance” not “no maintenance”. Soon it will deteriorate and lose its firmness. Only proper maintenance can prolong its life. Here are some care and maintenance tips you should learn if you’re planning to have artificial turf installed on your property in Phoenix or Scottsdale.
Deal with Stains Fast
Artificial turf is very similar to your indoor carpet in terms of absorbing stains. Although it is made of plastic, artificial turf is susceptible to damage caused by most types of stains, especially when the source is not dealt with right away. When you see spills of sauce or wine, promptly blot them up with a towel or dry absorbent before they turn into stain. To remove the remaining streaks of the fluid, rinse the area with water detergent solution. The type of cleaning agent to use depends on the kind of stain you need to deal with.
Remove the Weeds
You may think that because your property is already covered with artificial turf, weeds can no longer grow on it. In truth, they still can because the membrane backing of artificial turf has tiny holes where they can gain access to the surface. This holes are made to allow proper drainage during rain or when you are washing the grass. Usually, only those weeds that are tenacious enough can make it through the holes so you won’t be able to see a lot of them on your artificial grass. When there a more that a few patches of weeds growing on the surface, it means the artificial grass was poorly installed or already worn-out.
Brush It Off Regularly
The blades of artificial turf stand erect due to the sand infill under the piles. That’s where the turf gets its firmness. Over time, after constant use, this sand infill spreads and settles, causing the blades lean and lose structure. To restore the turf’s original shape, make sure to brush it off regularly. This will spread the sand infill evenly across the surface.
There are still many ways you can do to extend the functional life of your artificial turf. You can avoid placing or using sharp objects, such as knives and blades on the surface of the turf to avoid cutting the blades. You should also avoid putting heavy furniture pieces such as huge outdoor jars and couches.
If you want artificial turf that requires little maintenance and care to last for many years, make sure to contact trusted suppliers, such as Sunburst Landscaping. Apart from getting the turf that perfectly suits your needs, you can be sure that they will properly install it on your property.

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