The Truth About Artificial Grass and Dogs

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on June 12, 0218
Artificial Turf for Dogs
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Having a dog for a pet is one of the great joys of life. They add so much happiness to your life so it is only right to want to give them the same. One way you can do this is by giving them the best outdoor space. This usually means a big backyard with a lot of open space for them to exercise and run around. A big backyard in Phoenix can be difficult to maintain so many people look to install artificial grass. But how will your dog react to it? Continue reading to learn the truth about artificial grass and dogs.

Artificial Grass and Dogs

Artificial grass and dogs
It may seem like dogs would have a hard time getting used to artificial grass when they are so used to natural grass.
This is not true.
Dogs take to artificial grass rather quickly.
This is especially true for smaller dogs. Overgrown grass can be overwhelming for small dogs.
Artificial grass is always at a nice and tidy length and may encourage your small dog to get out and run around.


Lawn maintenance is one reason that people choose to install artificial grass. When you have pets, lawn maintenance becomes even more of an issue.
This is especially true in Phoenix. Caring for your lawn in the summer and the winter months can be a challenge.
Summer is harsh in the desert. The arid heat can dry out grass in no time. This means the added chore of daily watering your lawn to make sure it stays healthy.
And in the winter months, its imperative to overseed to keep your lawn green.
Spring and fall are a little easier. However, in the spring, you may need weed control or fertilizer. Though they are helpful to keep a beautiful lawn, they are dangerous to your pet.
And despite your best efforts, natural grass can take a beating from your pet. From stained patches to digging damages, lush lawns often seem out of reach for pet owners.
This is another reason to choose artificial grass.
It can withstand muddy paws and dog waste. Some artificial grass is designed with drainage capabilities, keeping your yard clean.
The synthetic turf is durable and made to last for years.
No more worrying about cutting the grass or paying a landscaper!
No more high watering bills!
No more harmful chemicals!
You will have a green lawn year round and your pet will be happy and clean.

Get Started on Your Lawn Today

Now that you know the truth about artificial grass and dogs, it’s time to find a company to complete the job.
Sunburst Landscaping specializes in residential artificial grass for dogs. Our EasyTurf artificial landscaping is a great option for you and your pet.
It is stain resistant, non-toxic, and its MaxxFlow drainage makes clean up easy. Installing artificial grass has many benefits for both you and your dog.
Contact us today for your artificial grass installation or other landscaping needs.