Artificial Grass for Commercial Playgrounds in Phoenix, AZ: How to Create Natural Playscapes

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on May 12, 2022
Artificial Grass
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Looking for ways to make your commercial playgrounds in Phoenix, AZ even more unique and fun? Take inspiration from natural playscapes!

Playscapes blend the best of nature and playgrounds. They take elements from a playground, like jungle gyms, slides, etc. and incorporate them into nature. If your playgrounds are in the city, you can reverse the process: bring touches of nature into your setup. Then, make it even better with artificial grass.

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Playscapes

When it comes to finding ways to make your playscape more fun and unique, one of the easiest solutions is artificial grass. Artificial grass has a lot of advantages for playgrounds that natural grass cannot offer.

Easy to Maintain

Natural grass is wonderful, but it requires a lot of maintenance. You have to make sure that you don’t let the grass get too high or too low. And then there’s the watering, weeding, mowing, seeding and reseeding. And that’s all on top of the regular inspections for safety hazards.

Artificial grass for playscapes will give your playground a refreshing look and feel without any of that hassle.

Safe for Kids

Artificial grass also reduces the likelihood of injuries due to slips and falls. This is because it provides a soft surface that can take some impact.

This is a far cry from natural grass, which can be soft on the surface but hard underneath.

Real grass can also hide sharp rocks, get slippery when wet and produce pollen that can trigger kids with allergies. It also stains clothes, forms puddles and gets muddy.Synthetic turf has none of these risks and hassles. This makes playtimes safer and more fun for kids and their guardians alike.

How to Build Playscapes With Commercial Artificial Turf in Phoenix, AZ

Here are a few easy ways to use artificial grass to create an interactive playscape:

Create Grassy Hills with Artificial Grass

Grassy hills are a great way to add an extra element of fun to your playground. It can be as simple as covering a hill in artificial grass and letting the kids go wild.

Likewise, you could do something more fun and elaborate. Build an entire fort at the top of the hill out of wood or paint-covered foam blocks.

Build Tunnels and Burrows

Tunnels and burrows are another great addition to your grassy playground. They could lead to different areas of the playground—or to hidden treasures!

You can have expert turf installers build tunnels and burrows from soil and sand. They can cover it with synthetic turf to make it look like it’s a natural part of the playscape.

Do you have a lot of space in your commercial playgrounds in Phoenix, AZ? Consider adding a few slides at the end of each tunnel or burrow for some extra excitement.

Set up Balance Beams with Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is soft enough that it won’t hurt if a kid falls and hurts their hands. But it’s also firm enough that it won’t squish underfoot like real grass can. That makes it an excellent surface for setting up balance beams, teeter-totters and other play structures where kids need sure footing.

Add Stumps and Stepping Stones

You can easily insert faux tree stumps or rocks into your artificial grass for a more naturalistic feel. This gives kids plenty of opportunities to practice stepping from one elevation to another in a safe environment.

These elements are also great for adding color and texture to your playscape so it doesn’t look too uniform or boring.

Set up the Perfect Playscape With Commercial Landscaping Companies Near Me

To sum up, building playscapes with artificial grass gives you a chance to create something that’s unique, fun and safe.

If you’re considering installing artificial grass for your playscape, don’t hesitate to contact Sunburst Landscaping today! We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about synthetic turf.

We also offer premium artificial grass products for playgrounds to help you complete your project in no time. We’ll even provide a free quote when you fill out our contact form. Call us now at 623-412-2200!