Learn Why Artificial Grass is Perfect for Sports Fields

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on October 13, 2016
Artificial Grass
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With more and more residents and businesses replacing their natural lawns and installing artificial grass, it’s no surprise that recreation departments, schools and sports complexes are following suit. Artificial grass is a more economical choice for sports fields because it requires less maintenance and upkeep. It also allows for year around play, no matter rain, weather or climate. It’s proven safety has also been a game changer, giving more durability and level footing capabilities than ever before seen with natural grass. The need for sports fields is constantly growing and therefore these surfaces need to be more efficient and functional than ever. It’s important for your athletes to play on a safe foundation, so learn more how artificial grass is perfect for sports fields…

Unmatched Durability

One of the main reasons that artificial grass is perfect for sports fields is its unmatched durability. With a life span of 15 to 25 years, artificial grass technology continues to improve and offer long lasting performance and safety. Athletes will be playing on an even and non-floundering foundation, and thoughts of falling in a divot or landing on uneven terrain will not be a factor in play. In addition, with advanced technology, artificial grass feels more like natural grass than ever before.

Game Changing Safety

Artificial grass safety has been tested and proven time and time again. Upon installation, turf playing fields more important factor is it’s infill system. These turf fibers are directly related to the aesthetics of the turf, but the in-fill is spread between fibers and helps to provide softness made for impact. The in-fill system also works to provide the correct firmness and cleat release that athletes need for ultimate performance without injury.

No Rain Outs

Another reason that artificial grass is perfect for sports fields is because it comes equipped with optimal drainage. Optimal drainage means that you do not have to worry about standing puddles near home plate or safety concerns due to water pockets. Artificial grass is ready for any type of weather and therefore rainouts are of no concern. Turf is ready to play on during the heaviest of rainfalls.

Low Maintenance

Although artificial turf does require some maintenance in order to keep it functioning at it’s full capability, it does not require a lot. That’s especially helpful for schools and recreational leagues that work to provide sports fields for their players and community, yet they may not have the help to maintain a natural field. Normal sports fields require mowing, weed eating, fertilization, dragging, new dirt, fresh painted lines before each game and adequate irrigation. Artificial grass fields require less time and effort in order to sustain multiple uses of play. Turf fields will never need to be mowed, as upon installation, they will be at a constant height and provide a plush aesthetic. Irrigation will be minimal and only needed to spray off the grass every once in a while or just cool the surface on the hottest of days. Repainting lines will have to happen, but not as much as a natural field would require. You would have the opportunity to actually provide more sports fields for your school and community, without having to find the resources, time and money to help maintain it on a daily basis.

Multi Purpose Surface

The amount of sports fields that are needed to meet the interest and playability of school teams and recreation leagues continues to grow. Artificial grass sports fields are great because they serve the purpose of being great for athletic participation; yet they also provide adequate space for physical education classes, relay days and general outdoor use. To have a field that is multifunctional and able to withstand various weather patterns and climate is beneficial not just on game day, but every day.
Nowadays you will find more and more schools and recreational departments investing in artificial grass sports fields. Most deciding entities will agree that these fields are great in that they provide a safe, durable, low maintenance play surface during times when budgets are stretched thin and having extra help is not always an option. Although the initial investment is not one to take likely, it more than pays for itself by allowing communities and athletes to experience sports play that is unprecedented in its versatility and low maintenance features. Artificial grass is the perfect investment for your sports field!
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