Artificial Grass Rebates in Arizona – What Homeowners Need to Know

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on January 11, 2024
Artificial Grass
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Arizona is the 5th driest state in the U.S, receiving less than 12 inches of rain per year on average. With a growing population and occasional shortages, preserving our limited water supply through conservation is vital.

To support this effort, utility companies and municipalities offer rebates to encourage customers to upgrade to more water-efficient options, including their landscape. And here in Arizona, that can also include switching to artificial grass. 


Understanding Water Conservation Rebates

A water conservation rebate is a payment made to utility customers who complete eligible projects that reduce water usage. The amount paid depends on factors like the type of project and how much water it saves, and the funding comes from the utility provider or municipality administering the program.  Common rebates include:

  • Natural Turf Removal Rebates

Many cities and water providers offer rebates to homeowners who remove natural grass from their property. Some programs pay $1 to $3 per square foot replaced, but this varies greatly depending on the area.

  • Smart Irrigation Controller Rebates

Upgrading standard sprinkler controllers to EPA WaterSense certified “smart” irrigation controllers can reduce outdoor water use by 20% or more. These devices use local weather data and plant type information to automatically adjust watering schedules to match conditions. Some Arizona municipalities offer rebates for replacing your current sprinkler with one of these.

  • Water-Efficient Toilet Rebates

Pre-1992 toilets use over 3 gallons per flush (GPF) while newer high-efficiency models use 1.28 GPF or less. Replacing just one older toilet saves a family of four 38 gallons daily, which is why this can also make you eligible for rebates.

  • Low Water Use Landscape Rebates

Revamping your entire landscape to feature low-water-use plants, trees, and artificial grass can lead to dramatic reductions in outdoor usage. Many providers offer additional rebates for these conversions.


How to Apply for Rebates

Application requirements and incentives vary greatly across Arizona. Most programs require pre-approval before starting. Your local utility website details eligibility and processes to claim rebates.

Generally, you must prove ownership, provide project details, and commit to maintaining water savings long-term. After finishing, documentation showing actual work completed is needed before receiving rebate payments.


What If My City Doesn’t Offer Artificial Grass Rebates?

While many Arizona municipalities provide rebates, your specific city may not. However, installing synthetic turf can still save you money on landscaping costs over time. Water savings alone help recover your initial investment within a few years!

And even without rebates, we can help you save on your new artificial lawn by:

  • Maximizing Your Space – Our experts here at Sunburst Landscaping can design a smaller synthetic turf area that makes a big visual impact for less. For example, just doing the front yard or a play area.
  • Strategic Spot Replacements – Instead of your entire lawn, we can identify worn high-traffic areas and rejuvenate just those spots to accommodate your budget.
  • Scaling Back Side/Back Areas – Focus your financial resources on visible curb appeal zones and use our more affordable artificial turf options on less visible back/side yards.
  • Combo Natural & Artificial – Blend synthetic grass in key zones with keeping some natural grass in other areas to balance cost savings with the look you want.

Check out our gallery for ideas!


Contact Us to Start Saving Today

Rebates or not, investing in artificial turf can set you up for years of savings. And not just monetary – you’ll also be saving yourself from all the stress, effort, and hassle of maintaining a natural lawn. 

Got more questions about switching to turf or taking advantage of rebates in your area? Call us today at 623-412-2200 or send us a message to get started. We also provide free consultations and quotes!