See How Artificial Grass Can Help Keep Your Pool Clean

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on October 27, 2016
Artificial Grass
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We can all agree, pools are great for summer fun and parties. However, pool owners know how difficult they are to clean and take care of. In the spring and summer homeowners find that pool upkeep is very time-consuming. Every day you have to skim the top or vacuum the bottom to get rid of bugs, grass, and debris. You are already busy enough in the warmer months, so wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate pool cleaning off of your everyday list? Artificial turf allows you to do that. Artificial turf is equipped with optimal draining which is perfect for poolside play. You can keep your pool cleaner by installing artificial grass.
Here’re a few ways that you can keep your pool cleaner than ever with artificial turf…

No Mowing Required

Mowing grass is a daunting chore for homeowners. Whether you’re carving out time to actually mow, or scheduling time to pick up grass clippings, it’s a process. Mowing results in grass clippings and debris that has a way of ending up in your pool. You never can seem to get all of the grass out that is either blown in the pool by the mower or tracked in the pool by swimmers. Artificial grass is just that, it’s artificial. Artificial grass does not require mowing; therefore it allows your pool water to be grass free. Clear waters, less grass, that’s the type of pool you’ll get with artificial grass.

No Dirt and Mud

Pools placed among natural sod lawns are usually dirty and full of muddy feet. Rain can cause wet grass and mud to accumulate and eventually end up on the bottom of your pool. Kids love to get in and out of pools and this only causes more of a muddy mess. Kids can get in and out of the pool and walk around artificial turf and never have to worry about dragging mud or dirt back in. Artificial grass does not consist of soil or dirt as its foundation. So your pool will be rid of dirt and mud traces and cleaner than ever.

Fewer Falls Mean Less Spills

How many times have you seen signs near pools that say “Don’t Run!?” How many parents have you heard yell that same sentiment? Wet grass can cause major slips and falls and result in hurt swimmers. More falls can also mean more spills because swimmers can run into nearby tables that may have food and drink on them. That generates spills and possible food winding up in your pool water. Artificial grass doesn’t eliminate falls, but it’s proven to have stellar traction and grip, along with optimal draining.

No More Yard Debris

A normal lawn is full of small natural debris such as pine straw and twigs. When you skim a pool, you know that you see a ton of this natural debris once your net is out of the water. Artificial turf lessens the amount of yard debris that you will find in your pool. Artificial turf is easier to clean and brush and won’t allow dirt and debris to be carried by wet feet.

Optimal Drainage

>Artificial Turf is known for its optimal draining capabilities. Water does not sit on artificial turf; it quickly drains and is ready for continuous foot traffic. Normal sod lawns do not drain quickly and therefore swimmers with wet feet can track a variety of mud and yard debris into your pool. Optimal draining around your pool will keep your pool cleaner because swimmers feet will be cleaner.
Homeowners with artificial turf will see cleaner pools upon installation. Your pool will cleaner and you will have more time to enjoy it, not skim and vacuum it. You’ll notice how easy it is to watch people get it and out and enjoy your pool, without worrying about residue building up on the bottom. You will notice that by installing artificial grass, keeping your pool cleaner, that you’ll increase your pool’s lifespan. Cleaner pools and filter systems help to prevent your liner from becoming torn and damaged. This will also help you save money on repairs. Artificial grass will definitely improve your yard’s aesthetic, but it will also keep your pool clean for all of that summer fun!

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