Why Install an Artificial Putting Green in Your Backyard?

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on April 21, 2016
Artificial Grass
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For those who love the game of golf, they understand that their hobby usually requires a membership, an invitation or a tee time in the books.  For most people, golf is a luxury, a recreational sport, something you budget for. For some golf is a way of life. Do you ever think about looking out your back window and seeing your own putting green? What if your rare hobby became something you could do daily? Luckily for you, designing and installing a backyard putting green is now an affordable dream and more and more golfers are investing into artificial putting greens.
Once upon a time a backyard swimming pool bonded communities and now artificial putting greens are joining the race to become the most popular neighborhood addition!
With endless options and designs, your custom putting green is just a stroke away. Below are some reasons why you should join the forces and install an artificial putting green in your own backyard!
Affordable Installation
The thought of your own backyard putting green may seen expensive, but you’d be surprised at just how affordable the artificial green installation really is. Installed prices can come in at less than $15.00 per square foot, depending on your customization, climate and geographic location. The expensive dream you thought you had, is now more in your financial reach than ever!
Practice Makes Perfect
For a golfer, practice and time on the course is essential to your game. When you install an artificial putting green in your backyard, your practice time will increase and your handicap will decrease. Artificial greens are designed to react like the natural golf course you’re used to. Chipping, long puts, slow rolls, you name it and you’ll be able to practice it on the artificial putting green. Plus, you’ll be more likely to work on your short game when your greens are just a few short steps away from your home.
Putting for Less
Country Club dues, memberships, tee times, range fees, if you’re a golfer you know that your favorite hobby can add up fast. When you install your very own putting green, you’ll not only get practice and entertainment, but you’ll also be making an investment that will save you money in the long run. Once you install your putting green, it’s yours – no fees required.
Golf in Any Weather
Another advantage to installing your own artificial putting green is that artificial turf is durable and dependable against all types of weather conditions. You’ll find that your putting and chipping hours won’t be bothered by standing rain and muddy divots, because it dries fast with it’s water resistant capability. Also, if you live in colder climates and cannot enjoy the playing the game you love except for a few times a year, with artificial turf you can play all year round no matter what the weather.
Low Maintenance
Like most artificial surfaces, putting greens require little to no maintenance after installation. Obviously there’s routine maintenance involved but you’re talking about a once a month check up.
Custom Made for You
One of the most exciting and unique features of installing your own artificial putting green is that if you so desire, you can design your own custom green. The options are as endless as your yard and mind stretch. Shape, size, accent features, challenge level – When you walk out into your backyard, you’ll find a putting green that is a product of your imagination.
A Backyard Oasis
When you walk out your back door, what if you were walking onto your own synthetic grass putting green? It looks and feels like you’re at the country club, but you’re only a few steps away from your deck. Imagine your club in your hand, the grill going and you’re sinking your best shot. When you install your artificial putting green, you’re broadening your weekend plans for an affordable price. Your cookouts just became more fun and your backyard putting green will set the bar for Sunday Fun-days.  You can teach your kids to play, you can putt around with friends and you can enjoy the sport you love without the high costs of visiting a golf course.
Appearance and Playability
When you decide to install an artificial putting green you’re going to get a product that will look, feel and react like a real course. The greenery, the rolls and the surface of manicured greens –you’ll have it all. The synthetic turf can even be designed to allow varying speeds to keep you challenged. Your putting green won’t only look the part, but it will deliver the kind of playability that you deserve.
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