Why Artificial Turf Is Great For Dog Runs

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on April 14, 2015
Artificial Grass
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Those with dogs know the problems created by their pooches running and playing outside. Furry friends bring pollen, insects and mud into your home, so at the end of the day not only will your dog need a bath, but your house will too from the muddy paw prints.
Outside, the after effects of dog play show up on your lawn in dramatic fashion. There are mud holes to fill, yellow spots in the grass to reseed and worn areas where pets have rolled and played. Then, there is the smell.
Artificial turf ends all that. Many people around the country are installing artificial turf specifically in dog runs to eliminate the common problems natural grass causes.
Artificial turf ends the following problems:
· Insects on pets and brought into the home.
· Pollen on dogs brought into the home, causing allergies for pets and people.
· Holes in the yard.
· Bare spots on the lawn.
· Yellow stains from pet urination on the grass.
Reducing Insects and Pollen
Artificial grass virtually eliminates insects and pollen. A synthetic lawn reduces access to food supplies, including both vegetation and food supplies found in dirt, for insects. Pests migrate elsewhere in search of food. That means less problems with insects like fleas and ticks on your pet.
There is also a reduction in pollen in your yard with an artificial lawn because synthetic grass doesn’t pollinate like natural grass. This also helps to reduce the bug population as many depend on pollen. Reducing pollen also lessens allergies for both your pets and your family. Many times, dogs bring in pollen on their coats, which later makes them sick. Allergies also affects other family members who pet and play with dogs, as pollen is then transferred to clothes and hands.
Reducing Mud
With artificial turf you can forget about mud being tracked into your home. Not only that but you won’t find any more mud holes dug by your active dogs in the yard. That’s because dogs can’t dig through artificial turf designed specifically for dogs.
Artificial turf is tough and dogs can’t tear through it. Pebble gravel or rubber pieces are laid underneath the artificial grass, further preventing dogs from digging. Preventing this activity also means your dog will stay cleaner, so you will no longer face the task of bathing the dog after it has been outside for a day.
Reducing Other Damage
An artificial lawn just looks great all the time, even with pets using it on a regular basis. It doesn’t wear down like natural grass, so dogs can run constantly with no change in the lawn and leave no bare spots.
Artificial turf doesn’t turn yellow when pets urinate or leave fecal matter on it either. Cleaning up after bathroom breaks is simple. With urination areas, you can simply spray it down to remove it and, perhaps, use a cleanser on the artificial grass. With fecal matter, you can use a pooper scooper to remove it and then spray it down with water. This grass stays green all year long, regardless of use. It never has a left-over smell either.
Installing artificial turf for a dog run can result in a cost-effective way to provide an outdoor play space for your pet. With artificial grass, you can quit buying insecticides, flea control products, pollen allergy products, filler dirt, grass seed and must-have products used to keep a lawn beautiful. Best of all, artificial grass will reduce time you spend cleaning up after outside play and allow you more time to enjoy your pet.
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