How Installing Artificial Turf for Dogs Can Keep Your Home Clean

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on February 18, 2016
Artificial Grass
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We all love our furry friends but sometimes they can really wreck havoc in our homes. Preventing dogs from chewing up items or peeing in the house can only be stopped by consistent training. However, even great training can’t keep dogs from tracking mud and dirt into your home… well most dogs that is. Installing artificial turf for dogs is the best way to combat any mess your dog may drag into your home, unless you just enjoy giving them a bath after every time they go out. Let’s take a look at why artificial turf for dogs is so great.
Less Holes in Your Yard Means a Cleaner Home

Lets face it, dogs love to dig holes. If your dog doesn’t then lucky you, but if they are one of the many then there’s a solution for you. An option could be installing artificial turf for your dog to prevent them from being able to dig holes in your yard. This will help keep puppy paws clean and your house looking great.
Artificial turf for dogs is designed to be durable and a great preventative for dog digging. So not only will your dog stay clean, but your yard will be hole free!
Less Mud Tracked Into Your House

Grass can be very difficult to grow with our Arizona weather. The unique terrain paired with your dog’s activity can cause many areas in your yard to become bare. As it rains these spots will also quickly turn to mud, or as some pet owners may call it, “a muddy dog nightmare.”
Dogs love to run and play. And when there are mud spots in the yard you better believe they will find their way into them, which means that mud will find it’s way into your house. By installing artificial turf you can dodge this whole nightmare completely. Our turf is designed to drain quickly which keeps it from puddling in the yard, so not only will your dog stay clean but they will also stay dry!
No More Upset Dog Tummies

There are many reason experts believe dogs eat grass, one common explanation is that the dog is trying to make themselves sick. Obviously not all dogs throw up after eating grass, but too much indulgence means you could have a sick dog in your house. Luckily if you install artificial turf, dogs are not attracted to eating it so you could rule this mess out completely.
Less Baths and Wet Dogs Inside

Artificial turf will keep your dog cleaner for longer which leads to less baths. Yes, giving your dog a bath will keep your house clean but it doesn’t keep your bathroom clean or your couch dry. If you have a muddy dog, not only will you need to clean up the dog and the bathroom, but you will need to make sure they stay off the furniture while they are wet. Nobody likes a wet dog on furniture or the smell it may cause in the long run.
Keep your Dog Clean with Artificial Turf
You and your dog both deserve the benefits of artificial turf. By installing artificial turf for your dog you are insuring your dog and house will require less cleaning. Don’t put up with the muddy paws anymore. Read a real life story from a pet owner on how installing artificial turf improved their life and their dog’s life!

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