Is Artificial Grass Worth It With Dogs?

Why Dog Owners Are Choosing Artificial Over Real Grass - sunburst landscaping 1

Yes, artificial grass is definitely worth it with dogs. Many Phoenix dog owners already know the struggle of maintaining a natural lawn when you have furbabies running around. Stepping on pee puddles, looking out on unsightly burnt grass, muddy paws and floors, holes in the ground – it never ends. Artificial turf for dogs offers…

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Benefits Of Adding Trees And Tall Plants To Your Landscape


In today’s drought-conscious society, you may not have thought that you could add trees or tall plants to your desert landscape. Artificial Turf around trees and tall plants offer many benefits and, if you plant the right species, they may be more drought-resistant than you realize. Here are reasons why you shouldn’t rule out trees…

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Transform Your Rooftop into an Oasis with Artificial Grass


If you’re an Arizona homeowner or property manager considering how to best utilize your rooftop space, installing artificial grass is an excellent option to create a lush, green oasis above the cityscape. An artificial grass rooftop deck also provides numerous practical benefits beyond aesthetics.   Benefits of Artificial Grass Rooftop Decks Installing artificial turf on…

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