Backyard Makeover: 7 Inspiring Artificial Grass Backyard Ideas

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on September 29, 2018
Artificial Grass
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Keeping up with a lawn is a tedious and expensive task, and it requires plenty of patience and manual labor. Safe to say, it’s not for everyone. Thankfully, people today can skip the lawn hassles with quality turf and a few artificial grass backyard ideas.
Just because you own a pet or want the luxury of a backyard doesn’t mean you have to sign up for yard work. Keep reading to learn how the right artificial grass and the right design is all you’ll ever need!

7 Winning Artificial Grass Backyard Ideas

Artificial grass can function the same way as regular grass for backyard play or pet bathroom breaks. It can be washed off and cleaned with a water hose and a little solution (no mowers needed).
And though it may not look exactly like the real thing, the right design choices can create a beautiful yard to be proud of.
Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Use Only What You Need

If you want to keep some of the original backyard, you have the flexibility to lay down artificial grass in any proportion. You can even create a small dog area or children’s play area without using too much material.

2. Create a Checkerboard

One of the most visually pleasing designs in artificial grass is a checkered texture of alternating square sections. You only use up half the grass needed for covering the entire backyard, and now you have a fully functioning life-sized checkerboard!

3. Consider Wacky Designs

If you have a modern house or would like to have the most modern yard on the block, you should consider out-of-the-box designs. With artificial grass, you can layout any shape–no matter how angular or curvy.
Think of groovy patterns or far-out depictions that can be pulled off with a little turf cutting and shaping.

4. Follow the Yards Natural Design

Sometimes a yard is lucky enough to have a few natural decorations like slopes and boulders. Some people think this holds back their design. Actually, the flexibility of artificial grass lets you enhance natural features.
You can run turf right up to the edges of unmoveable, natural objects.

5. Mini-Golf

If you’d like a wow factor and provide a little entertainment for kids and adults alike, consider a mini golf design. You don’t have to include a full range. In fact, a single putting hole provides enough function without taking up much space.

6. Beautiful Walkways

You can create walkways and paths in your backyard with natural stones and beautiful tiles. The artificial grass can be used to intricately fill in the space between, providing a little cushion and style around the edges.
You can roughly calculate online how much natural stone will cost you.

7. Giant Pool Table

Ever consider creating a lifesize pool table? Artificial grass is just the right turf and flat ground for it in your yard. All you need are perimeters, holes and something like soccer balls to kick into the corners. Another great entertainment piece!

Artificial Grass Resource and Professional Landscaping Insight

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