Balcony Makeover: Artificial Grass Installation in Phoenix + 3 More Brilliant Ideas!

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on July 2, 2021
Artificial Grass
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Balconies are the equivalent of a yard for city dwellers without an actual grass lawn. Whether large or small, there are many ways to turn that space into a beautiful, relaxing oasis. Give your balcony a complete makeover with artificial grass installation in Phoenix, plus one or two (or all!) of these awesome ideas!

Creative Balcony Design Ideas You Should Try

  • 1. Turn your balcony into an “instant lawn” with synthetic grass.

    Naturally, artificial turf installation in Phoenix, AZ is our first suggestion! Covering your balcony floor with high quality synthetic turf will instantly make it feel like an outdoor lawn. Stepping on turf feels like walking on soft, real grass and it looks equally fresh and beautiful. In addition, it’s weather-resistant and doesn’t need maintenance such as mowing or watering.

    Don’t even think about doing this with live grass. It’s not a good or safe option for elevated areas like the balcony. For one, soil is very heavy and can strain the balcony structure. Next, it’s hard enough caring for grass at ground level – imagine mowing, watering, fertilizing and pulling out weeds from your balcony all the time! Finally, expect mud and dirt to be tracked all over your home, especially if you have a pet that also hangs out on the balcony.

    In short, artificial grass in Phoenix AZ is the best way to turn your balcony into the perfect green space without too much hassle and stress.

  • 2. Install a hammock.

    Take advantage of the cool breeze by installing a colorful hammock in one corner of your balcony. It’s a great way to enjoy the fresh air, take a nap or just relax with a glass of wine and a good book. Just make sure to secure it properly and ideally, away from the railings to keep users safe.

  • 3. Create a balcony seating area using folding furniture.

    Most balconies are not very big, which means space is at a premium. With folding chairs and tables, you get a versatile seating area that’s easy to assemble, rearrange and stash away. If you prefer traditional furniture, however, feel free to use that instead. Don’t worry about damaging your artificial grass with the weight. Synthetic turf is tough and durable and can handle heavy items with no problem.

  • 4. Grow a mini garden on your balcony.

    What’s more relaxing than being surrounded by your favorite plants and flowers and maybe a delicious herb or two? Consider getting some small pots and hanging planters and get seedlings from your local nursery. You can also get them full-grown already.

    Don’t have a green thumb? Today’s artificial plants and flowers look as stunning as the real thing. They’re a good alternative for live plants, especially if you simply want them as décor.

    Furthermore, you can also create a statement wall by combining artificial grass and plants. For instance, we highly recommend covering one (or all) of your balcony walls with artificial grass. Then, decorate with hanging pots and planters. Add some lights, more decorations and you have a beautiful private space that’s bursting with personality.

Level Up Any Space with Artificial Grass Installation in Phoenix!

And we mean any space— artificial turf over your concrete patio, your roof deck, terrace, a uniquely-shaped side yard, around the pool and many more. Artificial turf isn’t just excellent for design and landscaping, too. It’s also the ideal material for everything from dog runs to playgrounds and a backyard artificial putting green in Phoenix.

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