Benefits of Having Artificial Grass in Phoenix

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on January 18, 2016
Artificial Turf
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Artificial grass isn’t just for big stadiums and playgrounds anymore. Now, homeowners are also seeing the benefits of artificial turf installed for personal residences. That is especially true for those living in Phoenix where having artificial grass also addresses environmental and water concerns. Learn about the benefits and see why should consider installing artificial grass in Phoenix.

The benefits of installing artificial grass in Phoenix include:
· It greatly reduces the amount of water used, reducing water bills.
· Artificial turf eliminates use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.
· It eliminates allergies and other health issues.
· Artificial grass is pet friendly.
· Your yard consistently looks good without having to mow or trim it.
How Is Artificial Turf Made?
The process of creating artificial turf started in the 1950’s and was originally used in sports stadiums, particularly in domed stadiums. It was also used in urban playgrounds as part of an effort to provide children with a play space that was safer and more enjoyable than concrete or asphalt.
Most high-quality artificial turf is made from nylon or polypropylene for the “grass” and the backing consists of polyester tire cord. Some companies make artificial turf from recyclable products, like tires, so the product is considered environmentally friendly because it reduces waste.
How Does Artificial Turf Benefit My Family?
The benefits of artificial turf can be incredible for a family in both direct and indirect ways. The two primary ways are that it reduces allergies and eliminates the need for toxic chemicals like pesticides.
Many people are allergic to grass pollen and they can feel the symptoms in the early spring when grass begins to grow. This type of pollen is very small, microscopic, but it can cause a lot of uncomfortable symptoms like itchy eyes, a runny or stuffy nose and a cough. There are hundreds of different grasses and all of them can be the source of allergies. Even pets can be allergic to grass!
Pesticides are presenting serious health problems in the United States with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reporting in 2005 that more than 90 percent of people tested for a research study had a mix of pesticides in their bodies, with children being the most susceptible and containing higher levels of toxins than adults. Some of these chemicals are linked to ongoing health problems like cancer. Pesticides, like allergies, can affect pets also as they are usually the smaller members of your family and are lower to the ground where pesticides are sprayed.
Artificial turf is now so advanced that it is completely pet friendly. Your pet can use the bathroom outside without any worries. Pet messes are easier for you to clean up as well with artificial grass over a traditional lawn.
Artificial grass reduces both of these issues because it doesn’t produce pollen and doesn’t require ongoing maintenance with pesticides. While these things can’t completely be eliminated from the environment, it can make for a better quality of life at home.
Artificial grass has another side benefit in that it reduces other annoying things like bugs, ants, chiggers and weeds that can cause skin allergies. Your children can roll around the yard all day and not come in itching from bug bites or from pain of stepping on a thorny grass sticker weed.

The Benefits of Using Artificial Grass in Phoenix

Phoenix is a great place to use artificial grass for several reasons:
· Traditional grass doesn’t grow well in Phoenix.
· There are limited water resources.
· Watering traditional grass to survive the summer can be costly.
Most lawn care experts state the only grass that stands a chance in Phoenix heat is Bermuda. Any other of the cooler grasses will require replanting every fall. Even Bermuda grass will require a substantial amount of water and care to keep it alive in 100-degree plus heat. Artificial grass doesn’t require water and will look great year-round.
It’s no secret that Arizona has water shortages. It is a desert and droughts, like the one in 2014, are common. Arizona has had below normal rainfall in most years since 1999. Water is an issue. Most, especially those concerned about conservation and the environment, do not want to waste water on a lawn. Artificial turf resolves that issue because it requires no water.
Since artificial grass doesn’t need water, the drain off from rain can be used in other ways. In some places, particularly in larger venues like stadiums, there are systems to collect water drain-off from artificial grass and use it for other things, such as watering flowers or providing water for bathrooms. This reduces water coming from public water sources. Similar, cheaper, systems can be installed in private homes to make them more environmentally friendly.
With the average water bill for a Phoenix homeowner hovering around $50 a month, including sewer and trash services, homeowners could save some money by reducing water. Those who live with no grass or pool state their bills are between $30 and $40 a month. So, it stands to reason that using artificial turf could feasibly reduce your bill because it requires no water to maintain.
Artificial Grass Is Effortless to Maintain
One of the best benefits of installing artificial grass is that it requires little maintenance. You don’t have to mow, trim or cultivate artificial grass. There is no reseeding, fertilizing, pest control to be done. You don’t have to wonder what to do about the yard if you go on vacation. That extra savings, in both time and money, can then be spent on your family or hobbies.
Those with young families or people heading into retirement will find the low-maintenance lifestyle appealing since their time can be spent on things that are more important than the lawn.
Single moms can certainly see the benefit in that because now you can spend more time with your kids. Men who now spend weekends or evenings working in the yard can now spend that time playing with your children in it instead. Or, you can do something else you enjoy, like watching a Saturday afternoon football game.
When you think of all the time you’ve put into maintaining a yard – all the trips to the home maintenance store for fertilizer and pesticides, the money spent on lawn care equipment, maintaining that equipment, reseeding, and aerating – that amounts to a significant amount of time as well as money. Now both time and money can be recaptured and put toward something else.
Basically, having artificial grass gives you more time and money to enjoy your life! It will improve the quality of your life and add beauty to your yard.
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