The Best Type of Artificial Grass to Install

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on March 8, 2017
Artificial Grass
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There are so many different options with artificial grass. There’s infill turf, thatch turf, sport turf, athletic turf, turf for recreational areas, turf for residential work, turf for commercial installations, and so much more. The turf for putting greens is going to be significantly different other types of turf, but what is the best type of artificial grass to install? Hopefully, this article will answer some of those questions.

Residential Turf

the best artificial turf to installResidential artificial grass is one of the most common types of turf installations, but with it come many options. You may want turf for just your front yard. If that’s the case, you may want to go with a product that does not require a lot of infill. The benefit of getting infill turf is that the blades are more resilient to flattening. In high traffic areas like a backyard, infill products are most ideal, especially if kids are going to be playing in those areas.
A subcategory of residential artificial grass is turf specifically designed for dogs. This kind of turf needs the maximum amount of drainage. This is especially important for pets, because they will often use your turf as their outdoor litter box. That being so, it’s necessary that the liquids (i.e. urine) drain through the turf. Otherwise, the bacteria present in pet urine is likely to damage your turf.
Another subcategory of residential turf is artificial grass putting greens. These are often very labor intensive to install, because they require so much sand infill, and usually require a water roller to keep the blades flat. Without that, you won’t get a true ball roll. Artificial turf putting greens are beautiful, and very functional, but they also do not feature drainage holes. This is so the turf product can hold all of the infill.

Commercial Turf

baseball backyard recreationOccasionally, there is overlap between products used for residential and commercial installations. For example, residential and commercial putting greens use the same exact product. The same goes for dog runs installed at a home or a commercial pet facility. However, turf that is used for athletic installations such as football or soccer fields must be unique. Those types of turf are the most resistant to heavy foot traffic, because of how often they’re used. They require a lot of infill, and are not thatch products. Commercial turf products can also come in different colors. This allows manufacturers to embed team logos into the turf.
Another application of athletic turf is for agility training in gyms. This usually involves pushing weighted sleds, and provides an excellent cardiovascular workout. It has become increasingly more popular in recent years.

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