Artificial Grass + Hardscaping: 10 Commercial Landscaping Ideas

10 Commercial Landscaping Ideas for Artificial Grass - sunburst 2

If you’re a business owner or property manager, you know the struggle of keeping common areas looking their best. Traditional grass is a hassle – mowing, watering, and battling weeds are never-ending tasks. On the other hand, bare concrete or pavement just isn’t inviting.   Combining artificial grass with hardscaping offers a better alternative. This dynamic…

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Commercial Landscaping Companies Near Me Explore Artificial Grass for Playground Safety

commercial playground flooring

The playground is a child’s haven, a place where memories are made, friendships are formed, and energy is expended. However, it’s also a space where accidents can happen. Ensuring the safety of our children should always be a priority, and the choice of playground flooring is paramount in this regard. With technological advancements, artificial grass has…

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Artificial Grass vs. Gravel & Concrete for Commercial Playgrounds in Phoenix AZ


Concrete and gravel are some of the most traditional surfacing for commercial playgrounds in Phoenix. Still, many school districts, municipalities, and businesses in Arizona are now replacing their concrete and gravel playgrounds with artificial grass. If you’re reevaluating your current playground surface or designing a new one, consider the benefits of synthetic turf. Reduces Playground…

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Commercial Landscape in Phoenix, AZ: Artificial Grass for Outdoor Dining Areas


An inviting and well-manicured outdoor dining area is a significant asset for restaurants, cafés, or any hospitality business with al fresco options. Yet, maintaining a flawless natural grass landscape can be a challenging and expensive task.  This is where artificial grass for your commercial landscape in Phoenix, AZ shines. It’s a versatile, practical, and aesthetic…

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Why Artificial Grass is the Ultimate Solution for Commercial Playgrounds in Phoenix, AZ for Pets


Providing a comfortable and safe environment for pets in your facility is crucial for the success and reputation of your business. Choosing the right groundcover can be tricky, especially if dogs are frequent visitors.  Natural grass might seem like an appealing option, but it comes with a range of problems such as maintenance, durability, and…

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Fall Height Rating Explained by Commercial Landscaping Companies Near Me


Commercial playgrounds are an important part of Phoenix communities and provide children with a safe place to play and explore. However, to ensure that children are protected while they are playing. Commercial playgrounds must meet certain safety standards and requirements, including fall height rating. Here’s a more in-depth explanation from commercial landscaping companies near me.…

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