Commercial Landscape in Phoenix, AZ: Artificial Grass for Outdoor Dining Areas

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on July 14, 2023
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An inviting and well-manicured outdoor dining area is a significant asset for restaurants, cafés, or any hospitality business with al fresco options. Yet, maintaining a flawless natural grass landscape can be a challenging and expensive task. 

This is where artificial grass for your commercial landscape in Phoenix, AZ shines. It’s a versatile, practical, and aesthetic solution to uplift your patrons’ outdoor dining experience.

The Downsides of Natural Grass for Al Fresco Dining

Here are the reasons why many steer clear of growing natural grass in outdoor dining areas:

1. Inconsistent Appearance

Natural grass is alive, so its appearance is seldom consistent. Weather conditions, seasonality, and care level can lead to unattractive brown spots, bare patches, or overgrown areas. 

For restaurants, this inconsistency can be detrimental to your patrons’ al fresco dining experience and the overall aesthetic of your business.

2. High Maintenance

Natural grass demands constant upkeep for it to remain lush and pleasing. Regular watering, mowing, weeding, fertilizing, and re-seeding are time-consuming and costly activities. 

It’s a high-maintenance option for a bustling restaurant. Plus, some lawn chemicals can affect your patron’s dining experience.

3. Allergy Triggers

Grass pollen is a common allergen and can cause discomfort for many guests during specific seasons. A grassy dining area can therefore lead to unpleasant allergic reactions, detracting from the overall dining experience.

Why Artificial Grass Is Best for Outdoor Dining Areas

Synthetic grass is an excellent alternative to natural grass for al fresco areas, thanks to the following benefits:

1. Consistent Appearance

Artificial grass for any commercial landscape in Phoenix, AZ offers vibrant green color throughout the year, independent of weather or season. It doesn’t suffer from bald spots or overgrowth, providing a consistently attractive ambiance for your outdoor dining area.

2. Low Maintenance

Artificial grass requires minimal upkeep. An occasional rinse to remove dust and debris will typically suffice, saving considerable amounts of time, effort, and money on water bills and gardening equipment.

3. Hypoallergenic

Artificial grass is hypoallergenic, meaning it won’t trigger the same allergic reactions as natural turf. This makes it a more comfortable dining environment for your patrons, even those with grass allergies.

Other Benefits of Artificial Grass for Outdoor Dining

Besides solving natural grass concerns, synthetic turf also offers the following perks to al fresco dining areas.

1. Durability

Artificial grass for commercial landscape renovation in Phoenix, AZ can withstand heavy traffic without losing its lush appearance for up to 10 years or more. This makes it ideal for outdoor dining areas that see a lot of use. It can withstand everything from dining furniture being moved around to high heels during a garden party.

2. Pest Control

Artificial grass doesn’t provide the same type of environment that bugs and pests thrive in, unlike natural grass. As a result, you’re less likely to have to deal with uninvited guests during your outdoor dining experiences.

3. Versatility

Artificial grass can be installed virtually anywhere, even in areas where natural grass would struggle to grow. This allows more flexibility in designing your outdoor dining area.

4. Safety

Commercial artificial turf in Phoenix, AZ is non-slip, reducing the risk of accidents in damp weather conditions. It also provides a softer landing than hard patio surfaces, making it a safer option for your guests.

Elevate Your Al Fresco Dining Experience

At Sunburst Landscaping, we bring years of experience in landscaping and installing artificial grass solutions that can revolutionize your outdoor spaces. We are eager to help you reimagine your space and create the perfect ambiance for memorable dining experiences.

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