Commercial Landscaping Companies Near Me: Natural Grass vs. Artificial Grass for Doggy Daycares

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on August 17, 2022
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When you open a doggy daycare, you want to provide a safe and fun environment for all your furry guests. Natural grass seems ideal for dog runs, but keeping it looking great can be a challenge. Dogs can ruin it quickly and it can hide hazards that can put your doggy guests at risk. Top commercial landscaping companies near me recommend an alternative: artificial grass.

Artificial turf is perfect if you’re looking for something dog-friendly and pet-proof for your doggy daycare. Here’s how it compares to real grass:


Below are some of the dangers that lurk in natural turf and how synthetic grass keeps dogs safe from them.

No Grass Seeds

Natural grass produces seeds that can end up in the paws and fur of your four-legged guests. These seeds can cause health problems that warrant a vet trip.

With artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about any of these issues. Because it’s synthetic, it doesn’t produce grass seeds that can stick to fur and burrow into the skin.

No Ticks and Fleas

Natural grass in doggy daycares is a haven for ticks and fleas. Not only does it offer shelter, but it’s also the perfect spot to wait for dogs to latch and feed on.

Meanwhile, ticks and fleas don’t like synthetic turf. It stays short, so it doesn’t offer much height and shelter to hide in. The artificial material also keeps these bugs from turning synthetic dog runs into their hangout spots.

No Pollen

Real grass produces pollen, which can cause allergies in both humans and dogs. Pollen can also trigger asthma attacks and other respiratory conditions in some dogs.

Artificial grass is hypoallergenic, and it doesn’t produce pollen. That means it won’t aggravate anyone’s allergies or asthma. This makes it a safer choice for your doggy daycare!


Below are some of the reasons why dogs find artificial grass to be more comfortable than real grass.

Soft and Paw-Friendly

Grass can be prickly when it’s long—and that can hurt dogs’ paws. Artificial grass doesn’t have this problem! It’s soft and gentle on the paws, which makes it easier for dogs to walk on (especially older or injured ones). It’s why commercial landscaping companies near me highly recommend it for pet facilities.

Shock-Absorbing Properties

Another issue about natural grass is that it’s on hard soil. If your doggy guests tumble on it while they’re playing, they’re likely to get bumps, bruises or other injuries. Artificial grass has shock pads that reduce these kinds of injuries. These pads absorb the impact of falls.

Safe Temperature

Natural grass can get hot enough to burn paws. This can be especially dangerous during the summer months. If you’re concerned about this issue, it may be worth considering artificial grass for your doggy daycare. It never gets hot enough to burn even on hot days.


Below are some of the ways artificial grass prevents dog damage better than the real thing.


Dogs can ruin natural grass quickly, usually by trampling on it and digging. These can leave behind unsightly holes, eroding soil and uneven grounds. This can make it difficult for dogs with arthritis or other joint issues to walk across it comfortably.

Artificial grass is dig-proof. Dozens of dogs can dig at its surface, but they’ll never penetrate its dense, durable fibers.

Resistant to Traffic

Natural grass can be trampled on by dogs’ paws, which can kill the grass and leave bare patches on lawns. Artificial grass is resistant to foot traffic, so you don’t have to worry about this happening.

Also, unlike real grass, it doesn’t need commercial landscaping service for foot and paw traffic repair. It’ll stay lush and green with minimal lawn care. It’s one of the reasons why more and more commercial playgrounds in Phoenix, AZ prefer it over real grass.


Finally, here are some of the ways synthetic grass makes doggy daycare maintenance a breeze:

Easy to Maintain

Natural grass needs regular watering and fertilizing to stay healthy and green. It also needs mowing and aerating often. If you don’t have time for these landscaping maintenance tasks, then artificial grass may be a better option for you.

Artificial grass for commercial properties is a breeze to maintain. All it takes is some sweeping and vacuuming once every few weeks to keep it looking great. Of course, you also need to pick up after dogs.

Keep Your Doggy Guests Happy With Commercial Artificial Grass in Phoenix, AZ

At the end of the day, all you want to do is give your doggy guests a great stay. We know that you work hard for your business and for your customers, so we’re here to help you have the perfect space for them.

If you’re looking for premium artificial grass for dogs, look no further than Sunburst Landscaping. We also offer expert installation services and landscaping design solutions. You can count on our team to turn your doggy daycare into a pooch paradise.

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