Create A Unique Design With Artificial Turf

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on June 23, 2016
Artificial Grass
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Artificial turf can be used in more ways than just as a replacement for sod. Because of its low maintenance and versatility, synthetic grass is a practical solution for both outside and inside the house.
Practical Landscaping Solutions
Obviously, one of the key advantages of artificial grass is in outdoor landscaping design. Specific placement of synthetic turf in small areas can be a practical solution to resolve many homeowners’ dilemmas including:

  • Eliminating weeds around shrubs
  • Providing green grass around trees where roots prevent grass from growing
  • Creating a grass walkway in heavy traffic areas where natural grass gets worn
  • Around the pool’s edge where weed whacking is difficult and makes the pool dirty.

An artificial product can be used with natural grass to complete your landscape and enhance your curb appeal. Since synthetic grass comes in a variety of shades, there is likely to be a shade and texture that resembles your own sod grass.
Creating Unique Landscape Designs
Many landscape designers have plunged beyond using artificial turf simply as a replacement for natural grass by incorporating it into unique design elements. Some of the hottest trends are:

Geometric design
This can be done a couple of different ways. One is to create a pattern using concrete or stone pavers with the artificial product in between the blocking, creating a type of puzzle effect. Some designers do a reverse of this, with the grass as the blocks and the concrete or stone in between the blocking.Synthetic grass works well for this type of design because it doesn’t have to be constantly trimmed, fertilized and maintained to consistently look perfect. With such an intricate design, maintenance would be an issue with natural grass.
The other way designers are achieving a geometric design pattern is to mix the different shades of synthetic grass. This can be used to create a checkerboard type of pattern or even a more elaborate mosaic design. Again, since the artificial product doesn’t spread out and the possibility of weeds is greatly reduced, the investment in such an elaborate landscape design is maintained for years.
Enhancing flower beds
Synthetic grass is being used to enhance flower beds. Some ways it is being used are in raised or tiered garden beds, in flowerbeds with a fountain centerpiece and small offset garden areas with bench seating.
Elaborate play areas
Artificial lawn products have long been used on athletic fields, so using it for family play areas is natural. The best use for a synthetic product is for a child’s play area. It works incredibly well around playsets and trampolines, where natural grass soon turns into dirt and mud with the rough and tumble play of children’s feet.
Synthetic grass is also an awesome element to create other family recreational areas such as a court for volleyball, bad mitten, lawn bowling, croquet or bocce ball. It can also be used in designing a putting green for the golfers in your family.
Since the artificial products are pet-friendly, you will not be sacrificing the safety and cleanliness of your pet for the rest of your family. In fact, your dog or cat will end up happier enjoying the outdoors on synthetic grass because fleas, ticks, and other insects are virtually eliminated.
Going Beyond the Yard
Designers are finding cool, unique ways to use artificial lawn products beyond the yard. Artificial products are being used to:
· Cover outdoor furniture as a practical, environmentally-friendly and hip way to provide seating
· Under pergolas to create an outdoor room
· Under deck spaces to create an extended living space off of the basement
· As a replacement for concrete patios enhanced with stone or concrete borders
Bringing the Outdoors In
Some clever, creative designers have found ways to use synthetic products indoors as well. It is quite practical in children’s play spaces since it provides enough cushion to prevent injury. As with outdoor furniture, artificial grass is sometimes used on indoor children’s furniture to bring the outdoors in.
Those living in urban areas and who long for green space are also finding ways  to enhance their quality of life with artificial turf. Some of those include:

  • Using it on balconies, along with live plants to create a private garden
  • Putting it in apartments’ small patio spaces to add an outdoor dining area
  • Framing various shades of the synthetic turf and arranging them on a wall as an art display.

A Practical Solution for Any Space
Residents living in areas with small outdoor spaces are finding the artificial products to be a solid way to get the most out of their space. It adds beauty, looks good year-round and is low maintenance so those career-oriented people won’t have to worry about upkeep.It durability and low-maintenance makes artificial grass an easy solution for those with large spaces and in areas where grass is difficult to grow. Synthetic grass requires no fertilizers, weed killer or mowing, so time keeping up with a large yard is greatly reduced.Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary landscape design, you’ll find that synthetic turf could be the answer to achieving the look you want and immediately enhance curb appeal and provide a family-friendly backyard yard space everyone can enjoy.

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