Why You Should Entrust Your Artificial Turf Installation to the Pros

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on October 18, 2017
Artificial Turf
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So you’ve finally decided to replace your natural lawn with artificial turf. Before you go buying new garden chairs and other equipment to make your backyard design dreams come true, however, you need to get it installed first. In their excitement, many homeowners resort to taking on this task by themselves, thinking that just about anything can be DIY’d nowadays, thanks to the guiding light of the Internet.
As many of those DIY-wannabes will attest, though, it’s actually not as simple and easy as what the instructions painted it to be. In fact, some even end up ruining the material before they can actually enjoy it. This is why if you want to get the most bang for your buck then you shouldn’t hesitate to call in the pros to help you out.
Letting Artificial Turf Installers Get the Job Done Right for You

Big Space Means Big Work

The logic is simple: if you’re getting synthetic grass for your sprawling backyard, it’s going to take a lot of work. The common misconception of homeowners is that because it’s artificial, it’s only a matter of laying it on top of the ground and then rolling it like a carpet. This is far from how things are really done, though.
Sure, the artificial turf will have to be rolled out, but before that, there is also soil work to be done. Installation actually requires digging—and there will definitely be lots of it if you have a big space. Ideally, as much as three inches of soil will be required so that the panels can be fitted snugly. Of course, when there’s soil excavation, there will also be roots to be pulled out and insect dwellers to be driven away.
Rocks or boulders could also get in the way of the excavation, as well as other obstacles that will have to be removed. Then there’s also the matter of properly moving the displaced soil you’ve dug up. And that’s just the preparation part.


Beyond that, there’s also the matter of aligning the panels and seaming them together. Otherwise, you’ll have sections jutting out, which can cause accidents like trips and falls. Improper seaming can also lead to damage as dirt and water can seep in and under the material. Seaming isn’t simply a matter of laying the sections well side by side, but requires joining them together so that it’s going to come out like one big stretch of green, instead of obvious panels. Of course, you’ll need to efficiently hide the seaming too so it’s not going to be obvious where one panel ends and another begins.
Think of it as putting up wallpaper or installing wall to wall carpeting, therefore—only that this one is much bigger in scope and needs a more extensive preparation because it will be installed outdoors. You can therefore anticipate it to take a lot of significant time, and that’s not even computing for the times you’ll need to redo segments just to make sure you get them rolled out right.
Unless you have the time, skill, and proper know-how to carry out these steps, therefore, it’s much more advisable for you to leave it in the hands of actual professionals in Phoenix. Your artificial lawn is something that could be considered an investment, so treat it as such. Entrust the job to those who really have the expertise, such as Sunburst Landscaping.
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