Factors to Consider When Switching to Artificial Grass for Your Property

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on April 25, 2018
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Making the switch from natural to artificial grass can be a stroll in the park; that is if you know how to prepare for the transition. To help ensure that you will efficiently go through what could otherwise be a stressful process, here’s an overview of the most important factors you should consider.

Switch to Artificial Grass to Enhance the Appearance of Your Property

Not all artificial grass is created equal. Remember, just because it’s artificial shouldn’t mean it’s okay if it looks and feels like plastic. Although artificial grass may be mainly for aesthetics, there are other areas such as playgrounds and sports fields that expect a lot more activity on the ground. If the turf you buy is made up of cheap plastic, then chances are that it’s not going to last for very long. This, of course, can translate to a whole lot of unnecessary costs for you in the long run.
Speaking of long runs, well-maintained, high-quality artificial grass can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. That’s over a decade’s worth of savings in water, mower energy, and fertilizers, so choose your turf carefully.
This is the supporting layer under the turf, and could be taken as equally important as the grass blades itself. A strong infill layer means a more durable turf surface, which is what you need precisely to keep it functioning well and strong for many years to come.
There are usually two types of infill, namely silica granules (sand) or crumb rubber. Apart from the materials used, the one thing you should consider is if you have children or pets who will be playing on the turf, note that the silica granules infill is a much better choice.
For one, this type of infill features antimicrobial coating, which is perfect especially if you have little children running, rolling, and crawling all over its surface. It’s also sturdier than the crumb rubber, which is why it is a favorite option for sports fields and playgrounds. The biggest appeal of the silica granules is that it can help cool down the artificial grass, which is great for hot and humid days. Even your pets can go about enjoying the sunshine.
It wouldn’t matter how well you choose your turf if it doesn’t get installed properly. Although you may think you can do it on your own, it still would be best if you hire a professional to get the job done right the first time. It’s not a simple matter of rolling out the turf like you would a carpet, after all. There are soil preparations to be made too, such as seaming the artificial grass to keep it well laid out. Improper seaming not only affects the smooth appearance of the lawn, but could also prove to be a safe hazard, particularly with tripping.
A professional installer could also help make sure that no amount of rough play from your pets, such as digging holes on the ground or simply running around will ruin the rest of the turf. These are some of the considerations you should factor in before making your purchase decision. A professional installer such as Sunburst Landscaping can help you out.

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