How HOAs Can Save Money with a Synthetic Grass Commercial Landscape in Phoenix AZ

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on February 14, 2022
Artificial Grass
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If you’re part of a HOA association – as a manager, board member, or simply a homeowner – you’re probably aware how much money goes into maintaining a residential and commercial landscape in Phoenix, AZ.

For one, HOA communities cover a lot of ground, so you can imagine how many resources it takes to maintain a natural grass landscape. Upkeep requires a lot of personnel and equipment, which also means spending more on costs associated with utilities and maintenance.

Two, safety and liabilities. Dirt and mud may be a minor inconvenience, but what if there were kids running around? What about slipping and falling on wet grass? Accidents can happen even when conditions are safe, which is why HOAs can’t afford to take chances.

Three, our Arizona climate is hotter during the summer months, which means natural grass is more likely to fail because of drought or scorching heat.

Add our heat waves and water shortages, and you’ll see why many HOA associations in the greater Phoenix area have already turned to artificial grass.

Below are some reasons it’s beneficial to go with an artificial grass commercial landscape in Phoenix AZ, especially for HOA associations.

1. Excellent Return on Investment

Artificial grass offers tremendous ROI for HOAs. It’s far more durable compared to natural grass, which means it can serve an HOA community for a decade or two.

What’s more, it requires less upkeep than natural grass. Artificial grass doesn’t wilt in the heat, doesn’t require seasonal clean-ups and requires little watering. It can definitely reduce your association’s operating costs.

2. Artificial Grass Commercial Landscape Keeps Residents and Pets Safer

We’ve established that natural grass is a liability during certain kinds of bad weather, but there are other risks.

Natural grass is a haven for insects. Fleas, ticks, worms, bees, ants – you name it, you can find it on real grass. While a few of these bugs aren’t harmful, an infestation is harmful to both HOA residents and the landscape.

They can trigger allergies, hurt people and pets and even lead to an HOA community’s structural damage. Artificial grass dramatically reduces this. There’s no longer a need to worry about infestations since it doesn’t host insects or parasites.

In addition, artificial grass lowers the risk of exposure to pesticides and other chemical treatments.

3. Completely Customizable for Aesthetics

HOAs that have landscape design restrictions will love artificial grass. It comes in all kinds of styles, perfect for any kind of look that the HOA community wants.

Whether you want a contemporary, country, modern, traditional style – or anything in between – artificial grass can make it happen.

HOAs can also use artificial grass to support their branding efforts. For example, the artificial grass can be colored to match the HOA logo or cut to create a pattern.

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