How This Generation Of Artificial Grass Is Different From Past?

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on August 18, 2016
Artificial Grass
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Modern artificial grass is not your former coach’s artificial grass. Today’s synthetic grass looks, feels, and wears much better than products produced a generation ago. That is partly due to an increase in technology.

The Differences Abound

Originally, artificial grass was used on athletic fields. The professional fields used it first and its use spread to smaller fields later on. The first generation of products did save in maintenance cost because it was durable. It looked good on camera but wasn’t very attractive up close. Older turf designs resembled an indoor-outdoor carpet with short blade lengths. The backing offered stability and provided a cushion for pressure, but it was thick and didn’t allow for drainage.
Basically, the artificial grass of the past didn’t look, feel or act like grass. There was another problem. Older versions of the products were made with lead, which everyone knows causes health problems.
Modern artificial grass has a lot more to offer including:
· Composition made eco-friendly, non-toxic and recyclable materials like rubber, nylon, and polyethylene.
· A look that resembles natural grass
· Awesome drainage
· More affordability
· Increased odor controls
· More durability
Today’s artificial grass has a couple of features its predecessors didn’t offer. There is increased comfort in modern versions of the product because of the way the blades are manufactured and the type of infill used.
Old versions of artificial grass had a heavy coating of rubber on the blades. That not only looked fake, but also held onto water and smells. Artificial grass blades today are produced to look and feel like the real thing, so pets and children are safe to play on it without the hardness of the old turf. There are several different types of infill, but all are designed for both use and comfort.

New Technology Creates Comfort

A couple of the infills also add extra safety to homeowners. The rounded silica granules have an anti-microbial outer shell that keeps bacteria from spreading in your yard. This infill is a great option if there are animals or pets that spend time in your yard. One excellent choice is Zeofill, which is a certified organic material. It is excellent for drainage and specifically designed to help control odors.
The latest in synthetic turf is created with residential use in mind. The new products can endure extreme climates as well as heavy lawn traffic.

Reduced Chemicals

Another different aspect of today’s artificial grass is the manufacturing process. It uses fewer chemicals to produce it than in decades past. That makes it safer for the environment and more affordable for the average homeowner. Artificial turf has become popular with homeowners because of its affordability and long-term cost savings from needing regular lawn maintenance.
As artificial grass becomes more popular, local governments are setting high criteria for those selling it and installing it. Most want versions that are eco-friendly, non-toxic and provide exceptional drainage. All certified products will do all three. Some local governments have additional requirements on infills, but there are several variations of infill– including Zeofill – that will accommodate all local and state standards. Local governments are also offering rebates for installation!
The improved standards of the new generation of artificial grass have changed the looks of many planned communities and residences. It is always well manicured with no discoloration. The family and pets enjoy more time outside without bugs, dirt or smells. Learn more about the benefits of artificial turf.

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