Why You Should Install Artificial Grass In Your Event Area

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on October 20, 2016
Artificial Grass
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Anyone planning an outdoor event constantly checks the weather. Even with a tent, there is always the possibility of weather-related problems such as wet grass, muddy areas and messy shoes of guests entering the house to get away from the rain. Five words could change that: artificial grass for event spaces.
When you think about it, synthetic grass makes sense for event spaces. It has long been used on athletic fields because of its durability in high-traffic situations and safety for those on the field. An event with an expected high number of guests is dealing with the same issues of high traffic and safety.

Artificial Turf Resolves Many Weather-Related Problems

The benefits of installing artificial grass for outdoor entertaining or for an event space are endless. With artificial grass:
• There will be no bare spots from high traffic.
• There will be no mud when it rains.
• Guests shoes will not sink. Neither will any equipment used for the event.
• Rain will not cause a delay because water does not puddle on artificial grass.

Formal Events

Many people are choosing to host events like weddings outdoors, either at an event venue or at their own homes. The only problem with having it at your home is that most homes are not big enough to host a large number of guests, so the yard becomes an outdoor venue. In either situation, artificial grass makes for the perfect surface to host events like weddings.
High traffic on a lawn will kill the grass. It soon flattens and wears down, leaving you with bare spots. Rain can cause more problems because those bare spots quickly turn to mud. No one wants to get married in mud.
Artificial grass will provide a natural looking, green setting that can be used even after an immediate rain. Chairs and décor will not sink. Plus, the ground becomes level with artificial grass installation, so you will not be left searching for a level spot for each chair or decorative item.
One thing many people planning outdoor events don’t think about are ladies’ shoes. Most women’s footwear have heels that, quite often, get stuck in soft ground. Female guests find that aggravating, although they would never say anything. That will not happen with artificial grass because the infill and backing prevents access to dirt and provides a solid surface. Your lady guests will be able to walk around your event with ease. They will appreciate it.

Children’s Birthday Parties

There is nothing like 20 rowdy children playing and laughing around the yard – until they start tracking mud, grass, and dirt into the house. Artificial grass is perfect for this situation because they can safely play to their hearts’ desire, but never pick up any grass or dirt. Clean shoes equal a clean house. That means less cleanup for you after the party.
The biggest benefit for you is there are no after-event effects on your lawn. It will continue to look as fresh after the party as it did when your guests arrived. There will be no lawn repairs for you. You can just sit back and enjoy your day.

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