How to Make Outdoor Artificial Grasses Look Like the Real Thing

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on October 23, 2018
Artificial Turf
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artificial rolled green grass

Are you tired of having dead, brown grass in your front yard? Arizona is legendary for its harsh summers and record-breaking temperatures. Maintaining a healthy green lawn can be impossible. Enter: outdoor artificial grasses. You don’t have to sacrifice gorgeous grass design and a lovely grass garden just because you can’t grow the stuff in this harsh climate.
Read on for details about the best fake grass and artificial grass ideas out there. You’ll be on your way to a gorgeous new lawn in no time!

Spring for Real-Looking Artificial Turf

Artificial turf has come a long way since the bright green astroturf of yesteryear. In 2018, you can get artificial turf that’s manufactured with minor imperfections to make it look more real.
Some include yellow, brown, and lighter green blades of grass to mimic a real lawn. Some artificial turfs feature thinner, softer blades to mimic Northern grass varieties. Remember when you visited your aunt in Boston and became obsessed with the feel of her soft, plushy grass beneath your feet?
Thanks to artificial turf, you can have that year-round in Arizona now, too!

Landscape Outdoor Artificial Grasses With Florals

Just because your lawn isn’t real doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate real landscaping into it! Plan your landscape just as you would with a regular lawn to make it appear more real.
Just make sure you hire a professional if you plan to add landscaping to your artificial lawn. There are certain considerations you’ll need help with. The logistics of installing an artificial lawn with real landscaping gets pretty tough as a DIY project.

Add Pavers and Chairs

Most backyards have hangout areas, right? You don’t have to sacrifice that with an artificial backyard!
Professionals can help install artificial grass in your yard with perfectly placed cutouts for pavers. Create a hangout area around a firepit, or add paver steps toward the front yard.

Create a Play Area

If you’ve got kids, having a plushy, grassy backyard is non-negotiable. The very idea of your little ones running around on pavers makes you wince.
Play areas can be carved out with artificial turf, no problem. Many parents choose to mulch the ground beneath a backyard playground. A professional can help add a mulched play area to your artificial backyard design so your kids don’t have to sacrifice play!

Get That Fresh-Cut Grass Smell

There’s nothing like the smell of a freshly mown lawn, is there? Guess what: those with artificial turf don’t have to sacrifice that.
You can now purchase that scent bottled in a spray bottle, and spray it on your yard at leisure. It’s the best part of mowing your lawn, without the actual mowing!

Your New Lawn

Now that you’ve read up on how easy it is to make an artificial lawn look just as good as a real one, you’re probably ready to pull the trigger and get your new lawn going!
We can help! We specialize in outdoor artificial grasses, and can help you design the front and back yards of your dreams. Get in touch to start your project today!