What kind of pests and animals are eliminated with artificial grass?

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on April 28, 2016
Artificial Grass
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Homeowners plagued with pests and animals in their yard could find the solution to their problem in artificial turf. One of the many benefits of installing artificial grass is that it virtually eliminates most common pests.
Mosquitoes Will Disappear
Installing artificial turf can easily eliminate mosquitoes, a common pest that carries disease. Mosquitoes breed in standing water, something artificial grass eliminates by improving yard drainage.
Artificial turf installation starts with leveling the ground to make it smooth and clear of things like larger rocks and other obstructions. This removes areas that collect water, such as dips and valleys. The ground is then covered with small gravel or rubber pieces. Then trenches are built to allow easy drainage. The end result is no standing water, so mosquitoes do not have a place to live and breed.
Artificial grass is also bacteria resistant, so disease-carrying mosquitoes have less opportunity to harm your family.
Fleas and Other Bugs Go Away
There is a simple reason why your yard will no longer have bugs once you install artificial turf. They will not have access to soil. Just like mosquitoes need access to water to thrive, bugs need soil. The combination of gravel, rubber and turf prevents insects from getting to the dirt where they get their food.
Some insects will try to live there, laying eggs and attempting to thrive, so you may see some small bugs on the edges of the artificial grass. That will not last because they won’t have a way to get to the dirt to get the food they need.
Spiders, Bees and Wasps Leave
The limited access to soil will go a long way to rid your yard of these pests, but artificial turf also eliminates these insects because it doesn’t provide them with vegetation to eat and pollinate. Artificial grass doesn’t flower or pollinate, so your yard is no longer attractive to theses pests.
Even if you have other flowering plants or shrubs, eliminating yard pollen will go a long way to making your yard undesirable to things like spiders and wasps. There is nowhere to nest or reproduce without a natural grass yard, so they will migrate elsewhere without you needing to use poisons like insecticide.
Rabbits, Groundhogs and Vermin Move On
Artificial grass is a great way to get rid of these pesky critters without having to trap and kill them. Natural grass and plants are great food for small animals like rabbits. They will destroy your yard with their eating habits. They can’t eat artificial turf so, they look for food elsewhere
Installation of an artificial lawn prevents animals like groundhogs and field mice from burrowing and creating a series of tunnels underneath your yard. The durability of artificial grass, along with the pebbles or rubber underneath, prevents these creatures from digging.
Eliminating these types of rodents is important to your family’s overall health as they can carry disease.
Artificial grass not only allows you to enjoy your yard free of all these pests, it also reduces the amount you spend to keep out bugs and vermin. Insecticides, traps and poisons are expensive items you will no longer need. Your family will be safer too without these chemicals and with less contact with insects and vermin that carry diseases.
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