How Artificial Grass Makes Playgrounds Safer

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on May 19, 2016
Artificial Grass
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More and more schools and recreation departments are making the investment and installing artificial turf, and it comes as no surprise. With the initial investment of artificial grass, schools and rec programs can look forward to having years and years go by before any maintenance is needed. Playgrounds are used far more than a typical lawn, and therefore playgrounds that are built on natural lawns see more high foot traffic and excessive use and ultimately require a multitude of upkeep and maintenance to keep it running. Not only is the investment to install an artificial grass playground a cost effective solution, it’s also a safer one. Artificial grass allows for a play experience that encourages staying active, yet diminishes the amount of injuries and allergies and obstacles that a normal playground foundation can present.
With artificial grass installations on the rise, here are a few reasons why they are making playgrounds safer than ever before.
No Toxic Chemicals
Pesticides and fertilizing are normal chores associated with a natural grass playground. Some of the chemicals used to protect natural grass from weeds and insects can be especially potent and harmful. With artificial grass playgrounds, the foundation that your kids play on has never been safer, as no chemicals are needed to fend off unwanted weeds or plants. In fact, no fertilization, seeding or chemicals are needed at all!
Allergy Control
Playing in natural grass means you are exposed to pollen the allergies that result from that exposure. For playgrounds that are built on artificial turf, they help kids that struggle with allergies, as a turf foundation produces no pollen. The only pollen exposure would result from any nearby trees that may be close to the playground. For kids who have trouble breathing or playing in the worst of pollen season, artificial grass playgrounds allow them to play safer without even noticing.
Even Terrain
When it comes to kids, parents know that accidents tend to happen while running around a playground. One factor in a lot of those accidents can be uneven terrain. With high foot traffic, grass can become uneven or eroded, therefore more falls and scrapes ensue. With artificial turf playgrounds, you never have to worry about dips and grooves encouraging falls. Artificial turf has a constant height and will not wear away or erode due to certain weather or heavy usage.
Weather Proof
One advantage to having an artificial grass playground is that weather is not factor to the foundation. The artificial grass dries fast and worries of standing water and children slipping and falling due to muddy conditions are non-existent. By having a playground that’s weather resistant, it reduces children’s injuries, while also allowing less down time between a storm and being able to play safely again.
By installing artificial grass playgrounds, you’re ensuring that kids who play on these foundations get the look of a traditional playground, yet enjoy a safer more durable play experience. With kids playing hard and their imaginations playing even harder, tumbles and falls are non preventable, yet artificial grass has shock-absorbing infill materials that have improved fall safety and therefore are keeping kids from having serious scraps, cuts and bruises.
Less Access to Bacteria
Another safety measure that you can count on in regards to an artificial turf playground is less subjection to bacterial growth. While any type of playground will always encompass some bacterial agents due to human interaction, your child’s exposure will be less on an artificial playground. Artificial turf contains anti-microbial agents that fend off bacteria or viruses that attempt to thrive in it, therefore allowing your kids to play in a safer environment.
Artificial grass playgrounds are not only more cost efficient and require less maintenance but also they provide a more safe foundation for children to play. Kids are always going to be kids and turf will not eliminate accidents from happening, but it will present an environment where those accidents are lessened. There’s a multitude of reason why more and more schools and recreational centers are turning to artificial grass playgrounds and one of the biggest draws is to provide a safer environment where kids can thrive without allergies or injuries getting in the way.


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