Why Homeowners Are Shifting to Artificial Lawn for Their Properties

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on October 25, 2017
Artificial Turf
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Living in Phoenix is undoubtedly a great experience, although it can at times be a bit challenging because of the weather. Homeowners with lawns know this all too well: the heat of the area and irregular downpour can make it rather difficult to grow grass consistently.
As you may well know, the value of a property does not simply rely on the main structure’s design, but also the aesthetic of the outside as well. Whether it’s your front lawn or your backyard, your grass will be the most prominent from people’s line of sight. This is well and good if the lawn is in particularly good shape. If it’s all dry and patched up, however, it could significantly pull down the value of the property.
Artificial Turf Helps Improve the Aesthetic Value of Your Property
This is why homeowners are exploring and turning to alternatives, such as artificial turf. Here are some more reasons why you should consider it yourself.

Low Maintenance

Having a patch of green space within the property has been found to be able to reduce stress levels, especially for those living in the city, according to a study by researchers from Penn State University. If you constantly have to worry yourself about dried up lawns, however, insects flying and nesting in, and constantly needing to mow and weed, that supposed peaceful patch of green could instead induce further stress on your part.
Especially for folks who don’t really have the time to spend doing lawn maintenance, overgrowth is a real problem that could quickly take over. Before they know it, their property would be already looking unkempt. Not if you switch to artificial turf, though. With this, there’ll be none of these problems because, well, it’s synthetic.
Sure, you’ll need to occasionally give it a wash to get stains and odor out (especially if you have pets), but other than that, you won’t have to lift a finger all that much as compared to if you have natural lawn. The best part about it is that your efforts, or the little of it that you give, will still yield the results that you want because artificial turf is evergreen and impervious to the effects of weather changes.


Speaking of city dwellers, some homeowners live in shared residential spaces like apartment buildings, and as such do not have their own lawn to unwind in. Fortunately, artificial turf is made such that it can be laid out and installed even on concrete surfaces like rooftops. With this, you can still enjoy the de-stressing benefits of having that patch of green space around you even without the requirement of land space.
With it, you can even build your own haven of a roof deck patio, complete with a barbecue pit and lounge chairs, perhaps. Now that could easily give you the perfect summer in the city you’ve been dreaming of.


Because there’s minimal maintenance required, there isn’t too much equipment you should invest in. There’s no need to buy soil supplements, like natural sod and fertilizers, as well as watering costs, and even gardening or lawn mowing services. Landscaping is also another source of expenses that you could do well without.
With artificial turf, all you need is to get it installed by professionals, and you’re done. You can instead focus on enjoying it in your property. Overall, therefore, its convenience is a major factor why residential homeowners are switching to artificial turf from maintaining natural grass. If you’d like to experience this convenience as well, consider making the switch, too. Just make sure to get professionals like Sunburst Landscaping to help you out so they’ll take care of installing it right for you.
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