Spend Less Time Giving Your Dog A Bath!

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on July 21, 2016
Artificial Turf for Dogs
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There are many benefits to installing artificial turf. Water conservation, lower water bills, easy upkeep, safer for kids, the list goes on and on.  When making the decision to install artificial turf, it’s important to keep your pets in mind. For instance, another benefit that you may have never thought about before is how artificial turf can allow you to spend less time giving your dog a bath!
Dogs love to play in the yard where dirt and mud puddles are found at every corner. While they are enjoying themselves, you are left with the daunting chore of bathing them. Along with the time it takes to give your dog a bath, you’re also losing money. Depending on what adventures your dog gets into you’ll need shampoos and possibly other cleaning solvents to successfully bath them. That’s a dent in your schedule and in your wallet.
Once you install artificial turf, you’ll be spending less time bathing your dog and more time enjoying watching your pets play! It’s important to research your investment and decide on which turf is best for your home. Depending on how frequently your dog plays or uses your yard will determine the type of turf you should install. For high-frequency pet use, it’s important to get turf with optimal drainage and odor control. When you install, you’ll find that artificial turf allows your dog to have the luxury of a yard without the mess.
Below you’ll find some of the reasons why your dog will stay cleaner on an artificial surface and therefore the less bathing you’ll have to do!
Less Digging
Let’s face it – dogs love to dig. Digging is in their DNA and as soon as they place paws on a natural sod lawn, digging it the first thing they normally do. With digging come dusty paws, sweaty coats and inevitably dirty dogs. When you install artificial turf you will limit the amount of digging that your dog will do due to the turf foundation.
No Mud and Puddle Play
Every pet owner knows that a rainy day equals a messy day. With rain comes mud and puddles and unfortunately there’s nothing dogs love more than splashing in puddles. Because of the optimal drainage capability of artificial turf, puddles and mud are not a factor. No matter what type of weather, artificial turf is sustainable and unaffected. Turf dries quickly and is ready for use even right after a storm. When you have artificial turf you’ll no longer be wary of rainy days and dirty dogs.
Pollen No More
Synthetic grass doesn’t pollinate like a natural grass lawn. With the reduction of pollen, artificial turf actively keeps your dog cleaner. When dogs play, especially in the spring and summer, they usually come in with pollen on their fur and have to immediately be bathed. If pollen stays on your dog it can ultimately make them sick – so springtime bathing is a constant. The lack of pollen on artificial turf will definitely lessen your dogs bathing needs!
Say Goodbye to Dirt
You can always tell when dogs have played hardest on a natural lawn. You can tell because of the mass amount of bare spots and divots. Dirt is either missing or spread about and not only do you have to spend money to fill those holes, but on top of that you have a dirty dog that needs a bath. The great thing about artificial turf is that there is no dirt required. The foundation is purely synthetic and therefore your dog can play and play and never lay a paw on a dirt surface.
Water Drains, Doesn’t Stay
Artificial turf is weather proof. Whether it’s sunny and 75 degrees or mid-monsoon – artificial turf is durable. Thunderstorms, carwash water, a day of slip and slides – these are just some of the events that could normally soak your yard. That’s not the case with artificial turf, as drainage capabilities ensure that water doesn’t sit in on your turf lawn. With better drainage, dogs can walk around during any water-associated event in your yard and not track water and wet grass remnants in your house or on their coats. Less water means less mess and best of all less baths! Learn more about what makes artificial turf perfect for dogs!
artificial turf for dogs