Transform Your Rooftop into an Oasis with Artificial Grass

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on January 18, 2024
Artificial Turf
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If you’re an Arizona homeowner or property manager considering how to best utilize your rooftop space, installing artificial grass is an excellent option to create a lush, green oasis above the cityscape. An artificial grass rooftop deck also provides numerous practical benefits beyond aesthetics.


Benefits of Artificial Grass Rooftop Decks

Installing artificial turf on your rooftop delivers multiple advantages over natural grass or bare roofing:

  • Superior Drainage: Perforated backing allows rainwater to drain off synthetic grass, preventing hazardous puddling issues. This protects rooftop integrity.
  • Durability: Extremely weather-resistant materials allow artificial grass to retain vibrant color and texture for years despite Arizona’s intense sun exposure.
  • Low Maintenance: No need to mow, water, fertilize or treat synthetic grass. Simply hose down occasionally to clear dust and debris. 
  • Soundproofing Potential: Well-installed artificial turf provides noise dampening benefits, reducing echoing ambient sounds from surrounding cityscapes.

Creative Rooftop Grass Decking Ideas

The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can do with artificial grass for roof decks! You can cover an entire area with it, combine it with hardscape, even use it as accent material for walls. Here are some ideas:

  • Entertain Guests Against a Scenic Backdrop: Transform your roof deck turf into an al fresco event space to host elegant cocktail parties against breathtaking views.
  • Unwind on a Private Rooftop Retreat: Adorn a cozy artificial grass lounge with plush seating facing gorgeous sunsets for quiet evenings alone or with your loved ones.
  • Revel in a Vibrant Play Zone: Designate child and pet-friendly soft turf for creative projects, games, movie nights and living out bedtime stories under the stars.
  • Practice Wellness Above the Noise: Perform yoga on supportive artificial turf  surrounded by plants with sunrise city skylines as your backdrop.
  • Show off Your Putting Skills: Construct an elevated miniature putting green to practice your short game or host friends for a quick game overlooking stunning horizon views.

Book a Free Consultation

Due to their location, roof decks present unique challenges when it comes to artificial grass installation. We can help you with all of it, from design and features to drainage, accessibility, structural considerations, and more.

Let’s transform your roof deck into something special with artificial grass. Call us at 623-412-2200 or send us a message to get started!