Turf debacle leaves woman with $28K mess

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on January 18, 2014
Artificial Turf
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PHOENIX — A Valley woman who spent $28,000 to have turf installed her in backyard in 2011 said the material is already falling apart.
Emily Ingersol said Global Turf, the company she hired to install the synethic grass, has not agreed to replace it despite the product’s eight-year warranty.
But Phil Carver of Global Turf said his usual supplier sold him an inferior product.
Ingersol installed the faux grass in her backyard so her show dogs would have a place to roam and train.
She knew purchasing turf for the spacious area would be costly but expected it to last for many years.
“I was told the warranty was for eight years, but I knew from having turf before that even though the warranty is only for that long, it lasts a lot longer than that,” she said. “I also know lots of other people who have it.”
But less than three years later, the artificial grass is flaking off and turning her dogs’ paws green.
“I feel depressed about it,” she said. “I work with my dogs, and they come back in and they’re covered.”
Carver agreed the turf is in bad shape but said he is stuck in the middle.
“I buy grass from a distributor, and I sell it to customers and install it at customers’ houses,” he explained. “I don’t make it. I don’t warranty it.”
Carver said he has always purchased American-made turf from Arizona Turf Solutions and Lawn Care. He claims the local company started buying a cheaper product from China.
“I was told it was fully warranted,” Carver said. “Obviously Emily’s has failed as well as several other customers.”
3 On Your Side visited Arizona Turf Solutions, but the business appeared to be closed.
3 On Your Side
by LiAna Gonzales
Posted on January 16, 2014