Unique Uses of Artificial Turf – See How You Can Transform Your Home

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on August 11, 2016
Artificial Grass
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When most people think about artificial turf they think about it replacing natural sod based lawns. They might even think about it being used to replace concrete on apartment terraces as a way to give apartment dwellers a taste of a yard. Apart from the obvious needs for artificial turf, many potential investors would be surprised about the various and unique uses of artificial turf.
Yes, that’s right, when it comes to artificial turf installation, you can dream as big and as unique as your mind will allow. There’s so many unique ways that artificial turf can be used in your home, office and community – see below for some of the ways that your imagination can be brought to life with artificial turf!
Indoor Playgrounds
Kids love to play outside, but what about when rainy days hit? Because turf is durable and safe for kids, more and more people are converting their children’s play rooms into artificial turf playrooms, which brings the outside in on those rainy days! Whether you want to add a slide, putting green, or just place turf around an indoor basketball court – the sky is the limit when it comes to your indoor playground. Check out this indoor playroom for inspiration!
Rooftop Oasis
When you have a property with rooftop access you definitely want to make the most of it. Artificial turf can allow you to transform your concrete roof hangout into a rooftop oasis. Artificial grass can be easily laid right over roofing materials and in addition to looking cool, it also provides optimal drainage! How exciting would it be to invite your friends over for a rooftop drink that has the feel of hanging out in the park? Rooftop picnics and summer tanning will never be the same again once you install artificial grass. Check out a preview here!
Office Space
With companies searching for ways to make their office spaces chic, functional and modern, it’s no surprise that some companies are turning to artificial grass as a way to do just that. Offices are now incorporating artificial grass in conference rooms and common areas as a way to set them a part from the competition, but also as a way to provide a relaxing atmosphere for employees. Can you imagine going to a meeting where you feel grass under your feet? Well imagine it, and here’s what it would look like.
Furniture with a Twist
Artificial grass has many functions, but you probably never thought about using it on your furniture. That’s right. People are incorporating artificial turf on various household furniture pieces. Bar stools and lawn chairs made to feel like you’re sitting and laying on fresh, cut grass. Wet bars and table trays where turf is the foundation and therefore more durable. Patio furniture made completely out of synthetic turf. Artificial grass can make your furniture become as unique and custom made as you prefer and at the same time make it more durable and weather resistant than ever! Check out an example of those customized turf lawn chairs right here.
Pet Place
Artificial grass is great for pets. It’s durability, it’s odor resistance, it’s optimal drainage, it’s low maintenance, it’s lack of allergens and pollen – these elements make it perfect for your pets. Artificial grass is being used for pet playpens, as well as, boarding and training facilities. Unique landscapes are available and your pets can now enjoy a customized area to run and play with little to no maintenance! See what they look like!
Turf on the Table
You’ve seen table runners at Thanksgiving, at large family dinners and at homes of people who love to decorate and throw dinner parties. They’re usually cloth and have beautiful embroideries on them and create a homey feeling in your dining room. But have you ever thought about a grass table runner? That’s right – you can use artificial turf to add a contemporary and unique style to your dining room, just like these examples here:
First Example
Second Example
Home Décor and Accessories
For artificial grass lovers, the unique ways to utilize turf is endless. Home décor can be punched up a notch in areas that you’ve probably never thought about before. Think outdoor hanging address numbers, toilet covers, pillows and even handbags! Any place that you can imagine turf going, it can go there. See these crazy and creative examples to get your ideas flowing…
Idea #1
Idea #2
Idea #3
Indoor Gyms
More and more gyms are utilizing artificial grass in their weight rooms and in cross training areas across the US. The durability of artificial grass, along with its low maintenance and safe foundation is becoming the norm for more and more gyms and indoor sports facilities. It’s more economical for indoor strength and training facilities because it can withstand high traffic and it looks more modern and chic than a normal concrete floor. See a few examples of some of these gyms that are changing the way we work out!
First Example
Second Example
Indoors Garden
Want to create an indoor garden in your classroom? Or add some gardening aesthetics inside your home? Artificial turf grass is a great and unique way to get the look and feel of a real garden and bring it inside! Throw away your vases – an artificial grass garden is a great way to showcase your plants, flowers and herbs inside while still getting the aesthetic of an outdoor garden. Take a look.
Dugouts and Benches
A lot of sports complexes and fields are turning to artificial grass as a replacement for natural sod fields. Low maintenance, durability, safety and financial savings are big reasons for the rise in installations for these sports fields, so why not add some artificial grass to the field seating, as well? Dugout benches can be easily transformed into artificial grass seating which provides comfort, less clean up and a cool aesthetic for any team whether they are home or visiting. Here’s a peak.
As you can see, the unique uses of artificial turf are as varied and creative as one could imagine. Although lawns are the major focus when it comes to artificial grass installations, it’s amazing to see what cool projects can be accomplished with turf and a few outside of the box ideas. Let’s not limit the use of artificial grass to just a reason to not have to mow the lawn, let’s look at it as another way to improve our homes, offices, and community recreational activities!

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