What Really Makes Pet Turf “Pet Turf”?

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on July 14, 2016
Artificial Turf for Dogs
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Artificial grass is the new trend for pet turf, but many may question exactly what makes this product so pet-friendly. The primary answer is drainage, but there are other factors also.
Drainage is Important
Synthetic grass used as pet turf is created with drainage in mind. All artificial turf has a backing and those different backings allow for drainage in different ways. With pets in mind, look for:
· A good drainage system that directs water to a drainage area away from the yard.
· A good base material that separates the synthetic turf backing from the ground. Typically, this is a type of crushed stone or similar material.
· A backing that also controls odor.
With proper drainage, your pet can go to the bathroom just as it would on natural grass. The urine flows freely underneath and all you have to do is wash down the spot with water.
Feces is cleaned easily on pet turf. All you need to do is clean up the poop with a pooper-scooper and then hose down the area with water. You may need to use soap in a particularly troublesome area, but cleanup is minimal most of the time.
Other Factors to Consider
There are other factors to look at when you are considering pet turf including:
· Odor control
· Comfort
Synthetic turf helps with odor, primarily because of infill. Quality artificial turf has an infill, which is a crushed or crumbled material poured in between the blades. The purpose of the infill is to keep the blades tall and straight, but it can also provide cushion and odor control as well.
Of the five types of infill options, there are two that stand out in comfort and odor control for pet turf. Zeofill and thatch are infills most pet owners like and request.
Eco-friendly Zeofill is created from sedimentary rock minerals. This product is believed to be safer than other options and is certified organic. Some local communities are setting environmental standards so high that Zeofill is one of the few products that can be used.
Advantages of using Zeofill:
· It’s effective in reducing odor.
· It’s non-toxic as it is made from natural products.
· It meets all known safety standards.
The downside of Zeofill is it is pricier than other types of infill. However, it will last longer than most also and is effective so many feel it is worth the additional cost.
Thatch is about as natural as you can get when it comes to substances in it. This product is made of natural debris like dead leafs and similar items. The natural elements are a primary reason this is a good option for pet turf.
Advantages of using thatch:
· It’s comfortable for your pet.
· It looks natural in between the blades.
· It is incredibly affordable.
The downside of thatch is it does break down over time. Natural elements decompose after rains, washing down with a hose or increased urination. This type of infill will need to be replaced slightly more often than other types.
Other types of infills use various elements including sand and silicone and are available in various price categories.
Consider the Blades
The types of blades used for pet turf are important for several reasons including comfort, drainage, and aesthetics. Pet owners who have installed artificial grass typically use a combination of small, curly blades mixed with straight short blades.
The reason for this type of synthetic turf is simple: it makes pet waste easier to spot by homeowners. If you can find spots easily without having to watch your dog or cat every second, it makes it very easy to wash down the area in minutes.
The combination also makes your synthetic turf look natural to both pets and people. It also feels natural to paws and feet but is strong enough to last for years.
There are other reasons why artificial grass makes great pet turf including:
· It reduces insects because bugs can’t feed off of it.
· It allows your pet to remain cleaner longer.
· It reduces odor on your pet because they are cleaner.
· Pets can’t dig holes.
· It reduces the amount of dirt tracked into your home.
Pet owners who are looking for a pet-friendly option for their yard are finding artificial turf to be a great pet turf. It looks good all year long, no matter how much you pet uses it, is easy to clean, all while feeling like real grass. Pets won’t know the difference, but you will. Learn all the benefits of artificial turf for pets here.

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