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When the time comes to play sports, nothing beats the feel of grass beneath your shoes. Soccer, football, lacrosse, Frisbee – these sports and more require strong, healthy grass. Unfortunately, natural grass can be difficult to grow and maintain. Luckily, artificial grass can help solve this problem.

If you’re in need of fake grass for your athletic installation, come to Sunburst Landscaping in Phoenix, AZ. We’ll give you lush grass that will last for years.

Why Choose Fake Grass?

All across the state, property managers work hard to include long, beautiful grass on their athletic property. This is a noble endeavor, but anyone who has lived in Arizona knows how easily plant life can dry out and die. Growing a beautiful field of grass may be difficult, and not every property manager wants to devote the time and effort necessary to maintain natural grass.

Artificial grass bypasses this difficulty completely. Simply install your grass and let your friends, neighbors, and patrons exercise to their hearts’ content. Our fake grass is comfortable, affordable, and low-maintenance, so you can enjoy a strong and healthy athletic field year-round.

Why Choose Sunburst Landscaping?

Here at Sunburst Landscaping, our goal is simple: to bring strong, beautiful, and affordable artificial grass to the people of Phoenix, AZ. Our founders have been working with sod and landscaping for over 30 years, and over the years, the team has grown into a wide range of diverse, talented individuals. When you work with us, you never have to worry about receiving anything less than the best.

Are you ready to get started? Give us a call today at (623) 412-2200 to learn more about our services or request an estimate. Don’t let the prospect of maintaining a natural grass field keep you from installing an athletic field; choose artificial grass today.

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For any questions, you may have about our artificial turf services, or if you’re a general contractor looking for a landscape subcontractor give us a call at (623) 412-2200, or send us a message through our Contact page.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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