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Artificial Turf for Pet Facilities

Our Synthetic Pet Turf is Dog-Approved


Pet owners can be very picky - and rightly so about the kennel they choose for their dog’s vacation stay, and no one wants to send their beloved pet to a concrete jungle.

Why choose Sunburst Landscaping, artificial grass for dogs?

Let’s count the ways:

Dogs love the soft, real grass feel and footing

Pet owners will notice, and appreciate, the superior quality of your environment

Waste is easy to clean and won’t discolor or stain your turf

Outdoor areas are always available

Easy, low maintenance

Enhance Your Facility's Aesthetics and Simplify Pet Care with Sunburst Landscaping Artificial Grass for Dogs

Installing Sunburst Landscaping artificial grass for dogs can give your entire facility a beautiful appearance upgrade, and it can make caring for all your visiting pets much easier.

Best of all, fake grass for dogs provides a comfortable play surface every canine can appreciate. Pets love our artificial grass because it looks and feels just like the real thing.

Kennel owners love our artificial grass for dogs because it stays clean. The combination of Maxxflow backing and top dressing infills that include acrylic sand and Envirofill creates a surface that’s not only play-friendly but also provides superior drainage.

Spilled water bowls or urine drain right through the surface, and it’s easy to pick up, or hose away the waste. Our artificial grass is also low maintenance and saves you time and money.

Installing our fake grass for dogs is a smart investment inside your kennel and outdoors in common play areas. With no muddy paws to worry about, dogs can play freely, 365 days a year.


Artificial Lawns Are Safe For Kids And Pets

Arizona artificial grass is engineered for maximum safety in mind, especially for homes with children and pets. Check out some of its amazing safety features:


Non-slip when wet



Shock-absorbent padding and soft turf fibers

Non-toxic materials


Inhospitable for pests and toxic weeds

Doesn’t require toxic chemicals for maintenance

Mud- and dirt-free