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Arizona Artificial Grass for Better, Safer and More Beautiful Homes and Businesses


Arizona artificial grass is changing the face of landscaping as we know it! Phoenix is known as one of the hottest places in the US, and while we love our beautiful city, it’s simply not ideal for growing grass. However, don’t stop dreaming of that picture-perfect lawn just yet!

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Don Gabbard 2023 Arizona Landscape Contractor’s Association Lifetime Achievement Award


We are thrilled to extend our warmest congratulations to Don Gabbard, who has been honored as the ALCA’s 2023 Lifetime Achievement Recipient by the Arizona Landscape Contractors Association (ALCA). This prestigious recognition is a testament to Don's exceptional contributions and unwavering commitment to excellence in his field.

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Horizons Community Church Field Donation - Sonburst Field

sunburst field

During the Spring of 2023 the Athletic Department at Centennial High School in Peoria, AZ sent a mass email seeking help with some much needed field space. The school has been land locked for decades and the district did not equip the practice fields with lighting. For this reason, practice space had been a difficult juggle amongst the various programs.

Neighboring church Horizons Community had always maintained a friendly relationship with Centennial and had a large open dirt space that they had been wanting to develop for years. This is where God stepped in and introduced Sunburst Landscaping to the dynamic. Owner Don Gabbard has a nephew, Mark Gabbard, that manages his Residential Division and just so happens to coach football at Centennial on the side. In February 2023 Mark took Don to meet with representatives from Horizons and Centennial. By the conclusion of the meeting Don, as he had done on countless occasions, had agreed to donate all labor and equipment to develop the space into a lush grass field. A space owned by the church that the school district could rent for Centennial to use when needed.

In April 2023 crews went to work grading, installing irrigation, and seeding. Over the course of 4 weeks Sunburst donated over $650,000 worth of work. In October 2023 Horizons dedicated the field and named it Sonburst Field in honor of The Son of God, Jesus Christ and Sunburst Landscaping.


Why Artificial Grass is Perfect for Arizona


Enjoy a yard that’s forever lush and green.

Artificial turf installation in Phoenix, AZ offers the best of both worlds— all the beauty and softness of grass, complemented by the durability and versatility of synthetic materials.

Tired of looking at those dead and brown spots on your lawn? With artificial grass, every inch of your yard will always be vibrantly green. No bald spots, no fading, no imperfection— just a lawn that looks as beautiful as it did on day one!



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