Artificial Turf For Patios Pools and Decking Areas

Lush green artificial turf for Patios and Pools. A perfect way to beautify your home.

Sunburst Landscaping Inc.’s artificial turf for patios pools and decking areas adds beauty and recreational possibilities to patios, decks, pools, and rooftops. Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass doesn’t need soil so it can be installed anywhere – including your driveway.

Switch to artificial turf for your pool area.

Living in the desert we can appreciate the value of a swimming pool when the weather is hot. But having too much hardscape around your pool can make your yard even hotter. Natural grass is a pretty and cooler alternative, but the chemicals in pool water can damage the grass.

What’s a homeowner to do?

Sunburst Landscaping Inc.’s synthetic lawn is the perfect alternative. It requires little to no maintenance, so you can spend more time swimming and lounging around your pool. It has a natural look and feel and it is not slippery when it gets wet.

Artificial turf adds beauty and charm to your overall landscape while it makes the areas around your pool more usable. It is far kinder to bare feet than hot concrete or brick decking.

It stays lushly green all year round without watering or chemicals, and you never have to worry about mud, which always a concern if you have children or pets.

Synthetic turf greatly reduces the chance of dirt blowing into your pool or being tracked in, so there’s less need for skimming and vacuuming, and less worry about clogged filters that can become damaged.

Residential Pool Area Decking
Residential Pool Area Decking

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