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You can have unique designs with artificial grass indoors as well as outdoors

Flooring is just the beginning

You can use our fake grass to create stunning landscapes, safe playground surfaces, home or commercial golf courses. Even ball fields, dog parks and courts for everything from bocce ball to badminton. But why stop there? Synthetic turf doesn’t even have to be green. We have years of experience using artificial turf for unique designs!

Small Spaces

One of the favorite challenges for Sunburst Landscaping, Inc.’s Residential design team is how to use turf to transform a small space. In 2016, that drive was awarded the Arizona Landscape Contractor Association’s Award of Distinction for Small Garden Areas. No matter how small your space, our team will work to come up with an area that fulfills your needs. Sometimes having a green space to relax, even if it is a small one, creates a nice diversion from day to day stressors.


Tired of the same old patio furniture and layout? Wish you could add some aesthetic appeal to your bland porch? Synthetic grass is just the thing you’re looking for! If you want a to make your outdoor spaces feel more intimate and cozy, artificial grass can set any patio or porch apart and the best part is that you’ll never have to sweep dust off again! The only upkeep needed is to spray your artificial grass off every few months.

Artificial grass with its low maintenance upkeep is the perfect way to enhance any space. These products will not keep you busy with chores and yard work. Start thinking outside the box when it comes artificial grass and the way it can be utilized. Rooftops, balconies, porches and decks are just the beginning – think big and think creative and artificial grass can turn any space into something unique.


City folk know that a roof access is the ultimate urban draw. If your apartment building or your individual apartment has a rooftop access, you feel like you have made it. But sometimes those rooftops can seem too concrete and unwelcoming. You might be tired of laying on a cold hard surface to look at the stars, or you may just want to revamp your rooftop to be more welcoming. Well, artificial grass can really help add to your rooftop aesthetic. Artificial grass can be laid right over the top of regular roofing materials. It’s easily installed; however, you will need to use PDS tile in order to prevent damage due to excessive water buildup underneath the turf.

If you’ve heard rumors about turf raising the temperature of your building, rest assured those rumors are untrue. Artificial turf also has unmatched durability and is not affected or damaged by weather elements such as hail, rain, ice or snow.

Get excited about inviting friends over for a rooftop party, because when they see your rooftop artificial grass oasis, you’ll be the talk of the town.

Artificial Turf Unique Installations

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