Residential Synthetic Lawn For Your Home

Beautify Your Yard with Synthetic Lawn

Sick of your ugly lawn or the frustration of lawn maintenance? A synthetic lawn can save you time and money, as well as transform your ugly landscape into a luxury synthetic lawn.

Sunburst Landscaping, Inc. truly has the best artificial turf product in the business.

Why not have pride in your lawn instead of a lot of work.

High-traffic walkways and play areas always look inviting instead of worn and muddy. No matter how much your kids or pets play around, your lawn will still look great and you’ll never have to deal with muddy footprints or paws again. So skip the endless work and expense of watering, fertilizing, and mowing and start spending more time enjoying your yard.

We install only the best products that are non-toxic and allergen-free. Our synthetic grass is manufactured by FieldTurf, an international artificial grass supplier that has been setting the industry standard for artificial turf for over twenty years.

FieldTurf offers a combination of materials engineered to take on the stringent requirements of professional football and baseball, collegiate and high school football, soccer and golf. These organizations have done the research and select FieldTurf virtually every time!

Even when it rains, you’ll be able to enjoy your synthetic lawn sooner, thanks to EasyTurf installed by Sunburst Landscaping, Inc. If you have pets, their urine drains right through and waste is easy to pick up or hose away.

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