8 Signs You Should Install an Artificial Putting Green

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on May 12, 2016
Artificial Grass
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If your yard is sitting empty, and possibly dusty in the Arizona heat, you may be thinking there’s a better way to utilize the space. An artificial putting greens is one great purchase that can do just that! But how do you know it is a good fit for you? There are at least eight signs you can point to indicate you should install an artificial putting green.
1. You short game needs improvement. There are some who understand how important a short game is in golf and you are one of those people. Unfortunately, your lack of practice has lost you some reputation when you are golfing with your buddies. Installing a high-quality artificial putting green could end your frustration and embarrassment by allowing you to practice any time you want.
2. Going to a golf course costs too much money. Tee time prices keep going up. Even with discounts, a good tee time at a club will cost anywhere from $15 to $110. Not only will an artificial putting green save you money usually spent at golf clubs, but it will save you on overall costs of keeping up a yard as well.
3. Your family needs to have fun together. They are all spending too much time in front of the television, video games, or their phones and none are having real conversations. An artificial putting green will get them outside and playing together. It will create memories for every member of the family.
4. There needs to be a place for an informal business meeting. You want a potential client to relax and talk about their project. Maybe you work from home, but meeting a client inside your home office is awkward. Maybe you have an office in a corporate building, but you want to talk more privately and informally about a deal. A artificial putting green will accomplish those goals. Inviting a client to your home shows them a bit more about you, so they trust you. A putting green gives both of you privacy and an activity to do while you talk, making business discussions less uncomfortable.
5. Your children need to learn sportsmanship. An artificial putting green will open up the opportunity to teach them. Golf is a game that installs manners and sportsmanship. Being able to show your kids the game and make them patiently abide by the rules will serve them well. It will make your life easier too.
6. The neighbors rarely talk to you. The best way to get to know those living around you is to throw parties and an artificial putting green can be an awesome centerpiece for any outdoor party. Both young and old can play and creating a fun activity the neighbors, and their children, will enjoy as you create a bond between you and them.
7. You and your golf buddies don’t have time to practice. Life can be busy and people don’t always have time for a full round of 18 holes. Installing a putting green in your backyard will allow your golfing friends to come over to practice and socialize for an hour or so without having to make arrangements for tee times.

8. The yard needs improvement. The landscaping isn’t what it was or maybe you have a difficult time growing natural grass. An artificial turf putting green can be a true centerpiece of your backyard. Better yet, it will need minimal maintenance so it will always look fantastic.
There are many reasons to install an artificial putting green, but the best one is that you will simply enjoy being outside. Your family can enjoy the backyard more than ever. Since it is a simple installation, you will not have to wait for family fun. It is an investment that adds aesthetic beauty to your home and one you will enjoy for years to come.


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