Why the Best Artificial Turf for Dogs in Phoenix is Great for Pets

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on February 22, 2021
Artificial Grass
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Dogs with special needs are no less fun or capable than their counterparts. In fact, they love to play in the yard as much as any pup out there! The only difference is that you have to take extra precautions to make them feel safe and comfortable on your lawn. For many pets with special needs, the win-win solution is covering the yard with the best artificial turf for dogs in Phoenix.

How Artificial Turf Can Help Pets with Special Needs

⦁ Helps dogs move around more easily.

Whether through birth or unfortunate accidents, some dogs don’t have complete or fully-formed limbs. This makes it really challenging for them to move, even with the use of prosthetics.

Before professionals install Arizona artificial grass, they’ll level the ground to remove tree roots, rocks and other debris. As a result, this flattens the surface and creates a level area. This makes it easier for dogs to move around without tripping or falling down.

⦁ Makes it safer for dogs with visual impairments.

Some dogs find it hard to see or are blind altogether, which means they may find it hard to move safely around the yard.

This makes them vulnerable to bumping into objects or stepping on sharp twigs and rocks. Since they can’t navigate the yard easily, they can get tangled up in weeds and get stuck with grass burrs.

You can reduce the risks of these injuries by getting an artificial turf installation in your Phoenix AZ yard. It dramatically lowers the presence of weeds and grass burrs. You can also carve out clear and flat paths where your dog can explore safely around your yard.

⦁ Makes the yard more accessible for pets with wheels.

Moving from one place to another is a considerable challenge for dogs with wheels as body support. And this is even harder on rough surfaces where their wheels might get stuck—for example, lumpy soil and sections overgrown with weeds. Wet, slippery grass is also a hazard for them.

Artificial grass makes it easier for dogs with wheeled equipment to move around the lawn. The fibers will always stay short and perfectly level. In addition, the installation process will create a smooth and even surface for them to roll over. Synthetic turf is also non-slip when wet, which means it will have stable footing after it rains.

Artificial Turf: A Better Yard for Every Dog

The best artificial grass for dogs in Phoenix can help dogs with special needs stay healthy, happy and safe. Wondering how else you and your pet can benefit from artificial grass? Call Sunburst Landscaping at 623-412-2200 today to learn more about dog-friendly synthetic landscapes!