4 Surprising Reasons to Consider Getting Artificial Grass for Pets

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on August 10, 2018
Artificial GrassArtificial Turf for Dogs
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You might think your dog dreams of rolling in fresh grass. But your pet probably won’t notice the difference if your grass isn’t the real deal. “Fake” grass has come a long way since it became popular in the ’60s. It was created as a solution for saving money and maintenance on athletic fields. But it’s not only for sports fields anymore. Homeowners enjoy the many benefits of artificial grass for a low-maintenance landscaping option. If you have dogs, here are four surprising reasons to consider getting artificial grass for pets.

1. Easy Maintenance

Think of a life without watering or mowing your grass. The best part? It still looks great all year long.
Today’s artificial grass is not the AstroTurf you might remember as lining the backyard of the Brady Bunch house.
Artificial grass looks so real, it’s tough to tell it’s not the real thing if you don’t know better.
Most maintenance includes brushing your lawn from time to time. When using fake grass for dogs, you’ll also pick up what they leave behind.
Even though pet urine drains through your artificial turf, spray a hose over it on a regular basis to rinse away any pet smells.

2. Damage Control

Your dog might be a destructive beast. But synthetic grass won’t be easy for him to destroy.
No more worrying about digging holes in your pristine lawn or tracking mud into the house.
Even after a thorough rain, your lawn won’t have muddy places.
Your yard is excavated to remove dirt and mud during installation. Synthetic grass is laid on top of an underlying sub-base.
When installed properly, your artificial turf for dogs and for your family is comfortable for play and durable for tough conditions.

3. Environment-Friendly

Is fake grass bad for dogs to lick?
Considering many natural grass lawns are treated with chemicals to kill weeds and look greener, here’s the real question: is grass bad for dogs?
There are some materials to avoid when choosing your synthetic lawn.
But when using a reputable artificial turf company, they’ll install artificial lawns made from non-toxic substances. And you won’t need chemicals to keep it green.
The right artificial grass is safe for your pets, kids, and the environment.

4. Animals Love it

If you’re worried your pet won’t like the feel of artificial grass, don’t worry. Most dogs and cats love the sensation of artificial turf.
They won’t miss a patchy lawn that is scratchy in the winter. They’ll enjoy a soft, even yard year-round.

Choose Artificial Grass for Pets

When choosing artificial grass for pets, your options aren’t limited to only one “grass”. Different textures and shades of green are available for your style and preference.
Whether you need a large or small area of artificial grass installed for your pets and family to enjoy, it’s a good investment for your home.
Don’t wait to create the lush-green, low-maintenance lawn of your dreams.
Contact us to talk more about how an artificial lawn will work best for you.