4 Brilliant Ways to Combine Concrete and Arizona Artificial Grass

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on March 20, 2021
Artificial Grass
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Arizona artificial grass and concrete have a few things in common. First, today’s synthetic turf is a far cry from the plastic-looking versions that came before. Concrete has come a long way as well, compared to the dull grey it used to be. Modern concrete now comes in a wide range of colors and textures, ranging from plain to utterly luxurious.

Together, they offer countless ways to style up your outdoor living spaces. Check out some of our favorites!

  • Go rustic with concrete planks and artificial grass

    Want the look of wood without using actual wood? You can get concrete planks designed to look like redwood, cedar and other hardwoods. As a bonus, it’ll never decay or harbor pests. It’s a breeze to clean, too.

    Combine it with artificial grass installation in Phoenix for a beautiful, natural look. For instance, arrange the planks in a chevron pattern and outline them with synthetic turf. You can also lay them horizontally, create a classic deck, then surround the area with lush artificial grass.

  • Mimic flagstones with concrete, then soften with synthetic turf

    Flagstones add a sophisticated touch to landscapes, but it’s frustrating how they break so easily. If you love the look, consider recreating it with textured concrete. You can buy concrete that looks like natural stone and lay it down following flagstone’s trademark irregular edges and patterns.

    Soften the look by lining the edges with artificial turf installation in Phoenix, AZ. You can use turf to create clean lines or fit random flagstone shapes together for a more informal look.

  • Combine concrete and synthetic grass for a touch of whimsy

    Use the landscape to show off your fun personality! Combine different concrete colors and create a mosaic pattern lined with artificial grass. You can also buy concrete stamped with creative designs, like brick, foliage and cobblestone. For a full-on garden theme, customize it into bees, flowers, fairies, and more!

  • Install a water feature and surround it with artificial grass and concrete

    Is there anything more soothing than the sight of water and grass? Water features are perfect for Arizona artificial grass landscapes. Some great options are recirculating waterfalls, mini streams, and fountains. Since synthetic turf is fully-permeable, you won’t have to worry about flooding or puddles around your water feature. As for concrete, use it in the form of river rocks, decorative boulders, or textured slabs to highlight your water feature.

Show Off Your Style with Synthetic Turf!

Concrete is just one of the many materials that blend seamlessly with artificial grass. In fact, we list even more surface options here! Get in touch with Sunburst Landscaping today at 623-412-2200 to discuss your outdoor living spaces and receive a free assessment.