7 Benefits of Commercial Landscaping Companies Near Me for Retail Landscaping

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on March 16, 2022
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Retail spaces are often tasked with creating attractive outdoor areas for their customers. Natural lawns and landscaping come with a variety of challenges. Fortunately, an artificial grass installation made by commercial landscaping companies near me offers several unique benefits that can make it an ideal solution for retail facilities.

Increased Curb Appeal with landscaping

The overall appearance of a retail property is directly tied to its curb appeal. A well-maintained lawn and landscaping can boost a property’s perceived value, while adding color and life to the surrounding area.

Artificial grass provides an easy way to enhance the visual appeal of your property by offering a professionally manicured look with minimal effort. It also has the added benefit of being able to maintain its aesthetic appeal regardless of the season or weather conditions.

Improved Customer Experience

Customers enjoy spending time at businesses that take pride in their appearance, and artificial grass can help you create an inviting space that your customers love.

Commercial landscaping companies near me can help create a comfortable oasis area where customers can relax while they’re shopping or waiting for a service appointment.

You’ll be able to retain more customers in the store rather than losing them to nearby competitors because you’ll be able to provide them with a more pleasant experience overall.

Reduced Landscaping Maintenance Time and Cost

Grass lawns require water, fertilizer, mowing and weed control to look their best. They also need regular aeration to prevent soil compaction, which can reduce their ability to absorb water and nutrients.

All of that takes time and money — two things that are in short supply for many businesses. Artificial grass eliminates most of those hassles, leaving you more time to manage other aspects of your business.

Water Savings

Another point in favor of artificial grass is its ability to save water. An important consideration for commercial facilities that want to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their operating costs.

An artificial lawn requires no watering except for rinsing when it gets dirty from dust or debris. In times of drought or other water restrictions, commercial artificial grass in Phoenix, AZ offers significant savings over natural grass lawns.

Withstands Traffic and the Elements

Artificial grass is made to mimic natural grass, but is far more durable. This means it can withstand heavy foot traffic, kids, animals, and even the sun’s intense rays.

With artificial grass, those high-traffic areas of your retail landscaping will continue to look lush and inviting no matter the conditions.

Built-in Landscaping Drainage Layer

Synthetic turf comes with a built-in drainage layer that allows water to flow through the turf into the ground below. This allows you to use artificial grass in areas where natural turf might not survive because of poor soil conditions or high foot traffic.

The drainage layer also helps reduce puddles from forming during rainstorms.

Pets Are Welcome

We love our furry friends, and it’s common for pet owners to bring their dogs along with them when they go shopping. If they see a pet-friendly sign outside your store, they won’t hesitate to stop by.

But what happens if the dog needs to use the bathroom? Artificial grass for pets gives dogs a place to relieve themselves without ruining surrounding landscaping or causing a mess in your parking lot.

Artificial grass repels liquid so it doesn’t become soggy or smelly like natural grass would. If you want an installation that is pet-proof and pet-friendly, contact commercial landscape contractors near me.

Boost Your ROI with Commercial Artificial Grass

No matter the size or scope of your retail landscape, artificial grass is a good option that benefits your bottom line and makes maintaining your landscape as simple as possible.

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