Do You Know How Artificial Grass Makes Your Life Easier?

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on November 3, 2016
Artificial Grass
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One solid way to make your life more convenient and easier is to consider replacing natural grass with artificial grass. Artificial grass has many advantages over natural grass, including cost and time savings.
There are other reasons to consider artificial grass for your yard. The result is the switch could improve the quality of life for you and your family.

Fewer Allergies, Better Health

Grass pollen is one of the worst allergy offenders for adults, children, and pets. Not only does grass pollen cause people – and pets – to sneeze and feel miserable, but grass contributes to skin allergies as well. Installing artificial grass reduces the amount of pollen in your yard. Having synthetic grass eliminates topical allergies affecting both kids and pets.

Outside Safety

Artificial grass is a great choice for those with children who play outside. Many playgrounds use the product primarily because of its safety. Artificial grass is known to cushion falls and leads to fewer cuts and bruises than standard yards.

Easier Lawn Maintenance

Installing artificial grass will lead to more free time and easier maintenance for you. You will no longer need to mow and weed whipping will be reserved for flower beds. You will not need to spread chemicals and insecticides, weed and feed, or new seeds over bare spots.
The lack of reliance on chemicals and insecticides will also contribute to the health of your family and pets. Everyone knows these products are linked to health problems and you can reduce the probability of them affecting your family by eliminating usage.

Less Insects

Even though you will not be using pesticides, you will see fewer insects in your yard. That’s because artificial grass eliminates feeding grounds for bugs. Most bugs get their food from the dirt. Synthetic grass, with its ground covering, prevents insects from getting to the dirt. Bugs will stop coming to your yard because there is no food.

Less Mess

There is, no doubt, several laundry products above your washer to remove grass and dirt stains from children’s clothes. That will no longer be necessary with synthetic grass because it doesn’t leave any stains. Your children can roll all over the yard and come in with no stains for you to clean up.
Even the dog will stay cleaner. That means you will not be spending time after every outing bathing the dog. Your pet will smell nicer, longer also.
Your home will also stay cleaner because your kids and pets will no longer be tracking in mud and grass every time they cross the threshold. That means you will spend less time mopping and vacuuming after outdoor play.

More Entertaining

With less time spent cleaning and working on the lawn, you and your family will have more time to spend with friends and each other. Preparing for a party will be easier with artificial grass too.
You know the routine. You spend time before a party working on the yard. You put up insect repellent lights, maybe spray for bugs. You pick up poop, reseed around barren trees, weed out flower beds and pull obvious weeds from your grass.
Once you install artificial grass, your pre-party routine will be to check for pet messes and then spray down unsightly areas with a hose. Easy.

Artificial Grass Looks Great

Technology has improved to the extent that synthetic grass looks like the real thing. A combination of long and short blades give it a natural look where children and pets don’t know the difference. A good infill contributes to the look and its longevity.

Less Cost

All these changes have one common denominator: less cost. Some of the ongoing cost savings include:
• No longer buying chemical products, seed, and fertilizers for the lawn.
• No longer buying lawn equipment like mowers and edgers.
• Not buying the quantities of allergy medicine for family members.
• Fewer veterinarian bills for pet allergies
• Buying less laundry detergent and stain removal products for both clothes and your home.
It makes sense to look at installing artificial grass considering the work you can eliminate, time and money saved and improved health and safety for your family.

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