Artificial Grass: The Best Groundcover for Commercial Playgrounds in Phoenix AZ

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on November 22, 2021
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If you manage a public park, indoor kids’ play area or other types of commercial playgrounds in Phoenix, AZ, you should strongly consider investing in artificial grass.

Not only does it look fantastic year-round, but it also boosts the safety and cleanliness of any space— both of which are essential for any establishment that caters to children.

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Commercial Playgrounds in Phoenix, AZ

1. Kids love it!

They’ll get all the fun of rolling around in real grass without any tripping over debris or encountering icky bugs. The soft, springy feel is great for their developing muscles and joints as well. It’s much easier on their little legs than concrete or asphalt can be.

2. It’s safer than natural grass.

Artificial turf is much safer than grass, especially for children who aren’t particularly careful about where they step or play on the playground.

Grass has a tendency to give way under the pressure of kids’ feet and hands, which can cause abrasions and worse injuries.

In contrast, synthetic turf will hold its form, meaning fewer falls and fewer cuts. You can also invest in shock/foam pads under your turf, especially when you have playground equipment where users can fall from a height (e.g. monkey bars, balancing beams, etc.)

Foam padding is designed to absorb impact, which reduces the risk of injuries from falls.

3. It rarely gets dirty.

Artificial grass is practically immune to mud, dirt, pollen, stains and other blemishes that can mar natural grass. Even when ignored for long periods of time, it only needs a quick sweep or rinse with water to look just as flawless as when you first installed it.

4. It requires *almost* no maintenance.

All you need to do is sweep up the occasional fallen leaves and, in particular cases (like playgrounds with sand boxes), rinse the grass off every once in a while, to keep dust from accumulating on it.

Otherwise, there’s almost nothing else you need to worry about. No mowing, edging or fertilizing is a huge time-saver, not to mention being an awesome money-saver for your business!

5. It looks great all year round.

Artificial grass never needs mowing or regular watering, which means it always looks clean and green. That helps make your park more aesthetically pleasing for visitors and employees alike.

6. It’s hypoallergenic.

The less pollen and other allergens in the air, the healthier everyone is. That’s why artificial grass is such a good choice for commercial playgrounds: it reduces exposure to allergens and irritants so that more children can play there.

7. It boosts your park’s value.

Studies show that homes with better landscaping, such as artificial turf, typically sell for more than those without. That means that any investment you make in artificial turf is ultimately going to pay for itself many times over, as your property value increases and park visitors spend more time there.

8. It’s versatile.

Commercial artificial turf in Phoenix, AZ can be used indoors or outdoors, on flat ground or slopes. So, whether you’re installing it in a public park, commercial playground or other type of community space, it’ll work just fine.

9. You get to choose the size and shape of your turf.

Whether you want solid green turf or an elaborate pattern with unique features like hillsides and bumps, you can customize your turf to whatever your specific needs are. You can also have your turf customized to represent your brand image and colors.

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Once you experience the benefits of artificial grass first-hand, it’s impossible to look back!

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