Why Use Artificial Turf On A Play Area?

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on August 4, 2016
Artificial Grass
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Artificial turf makes for smart, safe playgrounds. There are many reasons why local recreation departments, sports complexes, and professional stadiums are using artificial turf. And those same reasons are why parents are choosing it for their children’s playground. Learn all the advantages of installing turf on your child’s play area below!

Advantages on Playgrounds

The most common reason people are falling in love with artificial turf for playgrounds is safety. Artificial turf provides safety for children in two ways:
1. It reduces slipping.
2. It provides cushion support for play.
Rain causes natural grass to get slippery. It can also create muddy spots, which could cause more falls. Artificial turf is made from materials like nylon and polyethylene, so it is water resistant and doesn’t become slippery. Also, there will be no mud holes or bare spots because pets can’t dig and this product doesn’t wear down like natural grass.
The backing, infill, and blades in artificial turf provide cushioned support for children, so the chances of them getting scrapes and bruises when they fall are greatly reduced. An underlayer is also placed under the turf to help with higher falls.

Other Benefits

There are plenty of other practical reasons to install artificial turf in a children’s playground at your home. Artificial turf will:
· Virtually eliminate chemicals in your yard. You will no longer need them to maintain grass or kill bugs.
· Eliminate bugs. Synthetic turf cuts off a feeding source for insects, so they don’t stick around. That includes fleas, ticks, mosquitos and other bugs that could potentially carry disease.
· Creates a level field for play. Dirt doesn’t erode and the grass doesn’t easily wear down so things like holes, dips, and bare spots are gone.
· It dries faster after a rain, so kids get outside quicker.
· It looks and feels like natural grass.
· There is a reduction of mud inside the home and the laundry no longer has grass stains.
· It reduces odors from pets and from the yard.
Another benefit is that parents no longer have to spend endless amounts of time and money on maintaining a playground area to keep it safe and looking good. Artificial turf can last for years without a lot of maintenance and that means there is more time to enjoy playing with the kids! Learn more about our artificial turf products!


Artificial turf doesn’t cost more initially to purchase and install, but the cost savings over a 10-year period makes it well worth it. An average yard costs around $2,500 to create in its first year and could cost up to $3,000 if bad weather forces you to reseed in subsequent years. An artificial lawn costs a fraction of that after installation, creating overall savings into the thousands over a decade.
The looks of artificial turf for playgrounds have won many people over. It can be used only in the playground area while natural grass surrounds it, or it can be used in areas throughout the yard where grass is hard to grow. It blends in beatifically with trees, shrubs, and flowers, so your yard is seamless.
Whether you want synthetic turf for one small playground area, or for the entire yard, you will be surprised at how well in fits into the landscape. It can withstand extreme weather conditions and the rough and tumble play of busy children. It’s durability and low-cost maintenance stands the test of time so it will wear well as your kids grow.

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