Learn About The Durability Of Synthetic Turf And What It Can Withstand

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on November 15, 2016
Artificial Turf
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Those looking to switch from natural grass to artificial grass can be assured of the durability of synthetic turf by going with a high-quality product with a solid warranty. A good product will last for years.

Artificial Turf Life Span

The average life of most artificial grass products is 10 years, although some can last longer. Synthetic turf is made to withstand high traffic areas, making it an excellent choice for areas where children’s play and pet’s adventures wear down natural grass.

Synthetic Grass Construction

Artificial grass is made with a combination of polypropylene and nylon and typically has a tightly woven mesh backing. The way the blades are affixed to the mesh fabric helps increase the durability of synthetic turf. The backing is stitched with a technique that helps it withstand harsh wear, like pet claws trying to dig or children running and playing. Other natural elements, like tree limbs, typically can’t damage it either. Learn more about our artificial turf products.

How Infill Helps Durability

One of the most important elements affecting the durability of synthetic turf is infill. A good infill helps your artificial grass look better longer and also adds to its life span.
There are different infills and all are good for various reasons. Crumb rubber is a good choice for areas like playgrounds but adds heat to a yard in extremely hot weather. Silicon granules, made from sand or pebbles, are excellent choices for family and both contribute to the longevity of your synthetic grass. Thatch is a natural element, made of organic debris like leaves, that people with pets like even though it doesn’t last as long as some of the other products.

Artificial Turf and the Weather

Synthetic grass can withstand natural elements easily. A good product doesn’t discolor in the heat or cold, or even when pets go to the bathroom outside. It can be cleaned with a gentle detergent and spraying it down with a hose. Artificial grass doesn’t typically wear down either, even with heavy traffic use. That is why it is so popular on commercial athletic fields.

Things to Know

There are three things you need to consider to ensure the durability of synthetic turf:
• Make sure the artificial grass installer is a professional, competent company.
• Make sure the product meets the standards of the synthetic grass industry.
• Make sure you have a good warranty.
Finding a good installer is important because issues typically come from the installation rather than the product. Installers will have good references and typically meet standards of the Synthetic Turf Council. A warranty can cover installation as well as discoloration, fading, animal damage and defective construction or sub-standard materials of the artificial turf product.
Those considering artificial grass should ask about the construction of individual products, particularly the backing. Proper stitching and a tight weave are signs of high quality.
The durability of synthetic turf makes it a perfect solution for properties in extreme environments where natural grass is difficult to grow. Artificial grass is not only able to withstand the elements but will continue to look green and lush through it all.

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