How Faux Grass Saves You Water and Helps the Environment

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on December 19, 2018
Artificial Grass
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Did you realize that homes account for nearly 22 percent of all of the energy consumed in America? If you are like most homeowners, finding a way to reduce your monthly bills and help with resource conservation efforts is one of your main concerns. For years, homeowners have used faux grass for a variety of reasons. Not only can this grass-like material be installed on everything from concrete to soil, it can also reduce the number of resources your home uses. Read below to find out more about how fax grass can help you save water and protect the environment.
Faux Grass Saves You Water and Helps the Environment

Faux Grass Reduces the Amount of Water Your Home Uses

When you step back and look at the statistics regarding how much water homes in the United States use, you can easily see why changes need to be made. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, homes in American use around 320 gallons of water a day.
Nearly 30 percent of this daily water usage is dedicated to watering grass and other outdoor projects. If you have a landscape irrigation system, your water usage will typically be much higher.
Rather than putting a strain on the environment, you need to think about using faux grass. This material looks and feels just like natural grass. Scheduling a consultation with a local faux grass supplier will allow you to get answers to any questions you may have about this material.

No Grass Mowing Means Less Gas Pollution

Getting outside on the weekend and mowing the grass is something most homeowners do without much thought. Most homeowners fail to realize just how much air pollution they produce when mowing their grass on a bi-weekly basis.
While mowing the grass can be a great way to get some exercise, it is also a bit harmful to the environment. If you are looking for a way to do your part when it comes to saving the environment, reducing gas pollution is a great start.
By investing in faux grass, you will be able to avoid the need to mow for good. Some homeowners think that getting faux grass means they will have to deal with a reduction in curb appeal. In reality, this material is just as appealing as actual grass.

Avoid using Pesticides and Fertilizers

Making real grass green and appealing generally requires the use of many chemicals. Homeowners around the country use a series of fertilizers to make their grass healthy.
These same homeowners will also use pesticides to rid their grass of any bugs that may prohibit its growth. Instead of filling your soil and the air with these harmful chemicals, you need to think about using faux grass.
With faux grass, you can get the lush green lawn you want without putting a strain on the environment around you.

Working With Reputable Faux Grass Professionals

If you are ready to embrace the appeal and convenience of faux grass, then finding the right professionals is a must. These professionals can offer you guidance during the faux grass selection process.
Are you in need of high-quality faux grass? If so, contact us now to find out how we can assist you.